Collapsed in the road “vbuhali” 35 billion

95% of the roads collapsed. Photo:

On repair of roads this year Ukraine can send roughly 35 billion UAH.

About it at session of the government Prime-Minister Volodymyr Groysman, writes “Economic truth”.

“We have sent 1.5 billion hryvnia more on Ukrainian roads. I draw the Minister’s attention to the proper organization of work on the crumbling roads of the country. 95% of the roads collapsed, I do not need to explain that there is no money. The money is there,” said he.

Last year money was less than half, said the Prime Minister.

“There are now 14 billion, have exceeded 6 billion and we have reprofiling (debt operation that will stretch your payments on repayment and servicing of the securities for a specified period. – to 15 billion. About 35 billion we can mobilize in the course of the year,” he explained.

To launch the start of work, these funds are enough for today, said Groisman.

“Organize the work properly, go out on the road and see what is happening there to all the services throughout the country began to work on this issue. For several years we are unlikely to solve all the problems, but in the medium term we will do,” he added.

The Cabinet proposes to allocate funds that may be exempted from the restructuring of domestic government loan bonds by the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance, for the construction of roads.

We are talking about the amount of 15 billion UAH.

Approximately total amount of the given resource from reprofiling will be about 35 billion UAH.