“Every morning we deliver meals for weight loss” chef created a special menu

Week of proper nutrition will cost UAH 3290. Brand chef Dennis weaver from Vinnitsa along with fitness trainers have developed menus for weight loss. Day weight loss will cost 470 USD.

“My wife and I consumed healthy food, trying to get to practice. Not just a question of proper nutrition, but people want to eat tasty, not having much time in the morning for 5 meals and lose weight,” says Denis.

Coach Julia Rogozina and the chef counted all calories. Menus are brought every morning for the whole day. To eat 5 times.

“The menu is very diverse. This morning was pumpkin porridge with black and brown rice for lunch – a grapefruit. Lunch – soup-chili with beef and Greek yogurt, chicken with Thai vegetables on snack salad with organic cheese, and for dinner – roasted eggplant with Turkey and vegetables with sauce of yoghurt, cumin and flax seeds. Tomorrow morning we serve an omelette on a couple of green peas and fish. Prepare all by yourself in the morning. Get up at five, and with eight do the delivery. Food Packed in special containers to be heated. The menu is designed for 1000 or 1200 calories. Even if you don’t go for a workout to lose weight,” says Denis.

You can take a week of proper nutrition or even a day. But most effective is to lose weight 21 day.

“There is also a request to develop a vegetarian menu. Working on it now. But always explain that lean and diet – are two different things. If you want to lose weight, carbohydrate food them in the morning and in the afternoon – squirrel”.