Male 2 months he lived next to the murdered mother

The apartment where the man lived 2 months with a dead mother. Photos

In Kiev, arrested a 29-year-old man who killed his mother and 2 months living with a body in the apartment on Akademika Zabolotnogo str.

About it reports Department of communications of the Metropolitan police.

The law enforcement officers checked the apartment after complaints from neighbors. They heard the unpleasant smell from the apartment. Reported that some time had not seen 71-year-old hozyaiku.

“The man initially did not want to open the door. The woman’s body was lying on the bed under several blankets. The door to the room was closed tightly and sealed with duct tape. The medical examiner during the preliminary examination established that the woman had wounds to the head”, – said the head of Holoseievski police Department Sergey Kolenko.

The son of the deceased admitted that the mother always scolded him because he didn’t work, did drugs and extorted money from her. January 10, during an argument he repeatedly stabbed the mother with a hammer on the head and then strangled with a belt.

The man was detained. For murder, he faces 15 years in prison.

In Kharkov patrol rescued from suicide a 51-year-old woman who tried to jump from the 8th floor. The woman’s apartment found the corpse of a man. It turned out the woman lived with him for a month.