Nationalists began a “crusade” against the government

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The leaders of the three nationalist parties Oleh Tiahnybok, Andriy Beletskiy Andrey Tarasenko signed and submitted a national Manifesto on 16 March in the capital.

“National Manifesto ‒ a strategic plan for the development of the Ukrainian state. We gathered to declare that consolidated the power of the Ukrainian nationalists, and we will not allow to plunder the country. Don’t let the drug dealers and oligarchs to destroy Ukraine. We will not allow Moscow or anyone else to take our territory and to change our state map.

When the power will belong to the nationalists ‒ we will implement this Manifesto. The groundwork for this we have already, in the form of bills, however, the current government is not able to accept them”, – said the leader of the all-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok.

“For the first time in the history of Ukraine nationalists unite their efforts around elections, but around the fundamental nationalism of things — ideas and order. Therefore, I believe that this moment will be history”, – said the head of “Right sector” Andrei Tarasenko.

“This Manifesto addresses the issue of the new geopolitical choice: East, West, and Ukraine. New safe level: nuclear weapons, the territorial army, other principles of our country’s security, issues of social justice and a new approach to the government, as duties, not rights. This is a Manifesto of struggle, with which we begin his crusade against this government and the system for the new Ukrainian Ukraine”, – said the Chairman of the “National body” Andrey Biletsky.

In the Manifesto of 20 points. Keywords: Ukraine needs to focus its efforts on the creation of a Baltic-black sea Union, to return nuclear status to break off diplomatic relations with Russia. Plan to introduce impeachment proceedings of the President and deputies.

The document was also signed by the Chairman of the Congress of Ukrainian nationalists Stepan Braconi, the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists Bohdan Chervak and head of the organization “C14” Sergey Mazur.