“The girl undressed and started to pose. We were approached by three” – photographer

Photo: Vasily Pilipyuk

112 books published photographer Vasyl Pylypyuk. New “Fate granted the meeting” consists of portraits of people I met throughout the career. Came in the Lviv publishing house “Light and shadow”.

In the photo album included photos of the former President of Poland Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria. Couple killed in plane crash near Russia’s Smolensk. On Board were 94 more people. Photo of Pope Benedict XVI Vasily pilipyuk did by accident. During a tourist trip to the Vatican stumbled on his motorcade, which toured St. Peter’s square. With footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was found at the stadium “arena Lviv”. Since then never misses a match with his participation.

“Since then, as I still a small boy came from the village of Novoselitsy that Cretinine, my profession and the time gave me a lot of important meetings. Now they made a book of memoirs” the fate of a given meeting.” I have no such things to come pushed the button – there’s your picture. Each of these pages is the memory of my heart “, – said Vasily Pilipyuk.

The book also got photos of nature and architectural ensembles.

“On the “Date” two snake in the green algae. To make it, sitting in wait for five hours. They were in different positions. Chasing each other finally met, following the contours of each other. I managed to catch them on a date. On Khreshchatyk in 2009 managed to catch in the frame dog. She ran in front of the military, who marched in the parade. Photo called ironically “Left or right?”. For a photo of the “Hunters” made a real “quiet” hunting. It ducks dive for prey. I then wanted to have Breakfast. Neighbor Vladimir wore the sandwiches than often frightened heroes of photography”, – says the photographer.

Early in his career, the photographer worked in local and regional Newspapers in Ivano-Frankivsk. Then in the Lviv magazine “Ukraine”, became the chief editor of photojournale “Light and Shadow”. In January 1999, founded the first in Ukraine photo gallery.

“To create an attractive photo of a woman is not so difficult. The woman must be, above all, sensitive, able to enter a state photographer. Such women are very few. Trying to work with them mainly in the countryside. While working on the album “I – Inka, I am the blade, I – Rosa” we went together with the girl-a model in Zhydachiv district Lviv region. Saw cut trees with large hollows. It was decided to shoot a few frames. Next – one of the men. The girl undressed and started to pose. At work and not noticed as we approached the three and started with accusations: “What are you doing sex and pornography?”. It turned out that we were approached by the employee of criminal investigation Department, the Chairman of the local village Council and the local police inspector. To avoid conflict, described himself and showed his card. It broke, and we were taken to the station and put into different cells. He charged that we had sex and filmed for “Playboy.” Especially got the girl. One of the policemen-heroes promised to go to her house. Freed after the call of the Vice-Chairman of regional state administration,” says San Jose.

The album contains 137 portraits of prominent figures of literature, art, culture, science, policy from 10 countries. Edition limited to 1000 copies. Was fully funded from the state budget.

French photographer of Ukrainian origin, Yuri Bilak spoke about his exhibition “Projection”. Doing reports from the ATO area