“The guys have not had time to get up already and say, “I have to go back to the front” – Sergey Ryzhenko

To the front line from city is almost 200 km away Three years of war here, to the Dnipropetrovsk regional clinical hospital named. Ilya Mechnikov, carry the seriously wounded soldiers. Doctors save them, not only in hospital but also go to the line of collision. On the work of institutions in conditions of war in an interview Gazeta.ua says the chief doctor Sergey Ryzhenko.

Author: Eldar SARACHMAN

Sergey RYZHENKO: “the Wounded are trying to provide a completely. They do like little children, like babies”

Today 99 percent of the fighters on the first line you know that the best help we have. And, God forbid, if caught, they immediately say: “Bring urgently to the hospital Mechnikov,” says 53-year-old Serhiy Ryzhenko, chief physician of the Dnipropetrovsk regional clinical hospital named. Ilya Mechnikov.

Meet the press-center of the hospital in the river at 09:00 on March 10.

Two guys are between life and death

Of the men who are now in critical condition?

There are two guys who, unfortunately, are between life and death. One legs were amputated far above the knee. Military doctors did everything possible to save them. And so it was that the kidneys could not stand. Has renal failure. We use the most modern methods of treatment to save the guy. First thought, don’t make it through the day. But, thank God, a week is a small positive dynamics. Pray daily to survive. He was 19 years old. It all depends on the medication, equipment and professionalism of doctors.

What about the second?

He has a heavy mine blast injury. Has head injury, back, broken vessels of the legs. Thank God, breathing on his own – without a ventilator. However, it remains extremely difficult and is in the intensive care unit.

He and all the fighters spirit. Not only survive, and then still not had time to get up, saying, “I have to go back to the front.”

Author: Eldar SARACHMAN

Sergey RYZHENKO: “traveling abroad does not always justify themselves. The base should be build in Ukraine. Despite the fact that the platform is, the Foundation is ready”

The armor shatters into pieces as the shell of the nut. Helmet – same

How three years have changed the nature of the wounds?

We have more mine-explosive wounds. Usually, the body armor can not withstand the explosion. Shatters into pieces, like the shell of a nut. Helmet – as well. Sometimes I wonder how remain more or less living tissues.

This large caliber projectiles?

120’s, 150’s. Scatters all the pieces. Flies in feet, hands. The 80s are more gentle.

During the war the hospital Mechnikov saved more than 2,200 severely wounded soldiers. A total of 14 thousand soldiers passed through the hospital. While helping civilians. Somebody has to say no?

A modern hospital must accept and wounded, and the sick. Then the doctors have the experience. If the hospital had not worked with the wounded, but only with healthy soldiers and officers that go to work in war difficult. But they were able.

In Israel and in some other countries the robot into military-civilian hospitals constructed so that the doctors could of the first items to take the most critically ill patients. Regardless of is the crush syndrome, wound, hypertension or stroke. We are sick and wounded daily. And doctors them up.

We were visited by specialists from Israel, Germany, United States of America. They helped treat the wounded soldiers. Our medics were learned from the experience. These trips were paid Dniprovsky businessmen.

The budget of the hospital is sufficient? What not enough money?

Help volunteers and local authorities, MPs, the mayor, the Governor. On the civic, unfortunately, just not enough. And the wounded are trying to provide full. They act like little children, as newborns. As a rule, in hospital clothes, with the soldiers cut. In the best case remain your watch, and then not always. Man wrapped in a heat-resistant blanket and send to us. Here the kids need everything from a toothbrush to clothes. Volunteers are on duty around the clock with us. The government provides the laboratory and medicine. Well important the professionalism of the team.

With the beginning of the war there were a lot of announcements on raising funds for the treatment of soldiers abroad. Family looking for a huge amount of dental work and treatment. Now such ads are much rarer.

This does not mean that there are fewer problems. Just someone who has lost hope, someone used. Every day there are wounded. Someone is killed, someone not deliver. But society gets used to it.

Traveling abroad does not always justify themselves. The base should be build in Ukraine. Despite the fact that the platform is, the Foundation is ready. There is a basis for rehabilitation, prosthetics. Of course, taking into account foreign experience and technologies. This is the best approach. If you quickly understand it and implement it, the wounded who have lost limbs, life will become much easier. 90 percent of those who passed through the hospital Mechnikov, no matter how we tried, were disabled. Not to say that without one lung, arms, legs, or broken intestinal people will live and work in the same way as healthy. It is impossible.

Many soldiers receive psychological trauma. Last year 63 of the warrior committed suicide. You have to deal with this?

On a daily basis. They come to us with guns and knives. Sleep with them under your pillow. We got used to that. In my office, to Yuri Yurievich (Yuri Skrebets, Deputy chief physician. – Gazeta.ua) group went. Some want to recover as soon as possible and return to the front. The second asked for a more comfortable environment. Others want a abroad. This is the result of psychological breakdown. A person ceases to adequately assess the situation, does not see himself from the outside.

22-the summer girl has got under bombardment. She had a nervous breakdown. This horror will be with her until the end of life

After treatment, the fighters return to normal life?

A man with such psychological trauma cannot be cured at once. Recovery comes with a customized therapy. It can last for several years and even a lifetime. Recently did the 22-year-old girl. Came under bombardment. She had a nervous breakdown. This horror will be with her until the end of life. One soldier saw his companion flew off his feet. They left part of the boots and laces. He also can’t forget about it.

We have rehabilitation centres for such people?

They begin to create. Here at the hospital already. But this is only the beginning of a large program. Because people who got through the war and passed it through the necessary long-term, and even lifelong assistance.
Such centres should be across the country.

The seriously wounded militants treated the same as everyone. The only thing – they were under escort

To you got seriously injured fighters?

Yes. They were treated the same as everyone. The only thing – they were under escort.

Author: Eldar SARACHMAN

Sergey Ryzhenko introduces co – Artem by Pavlovym (left) and Yury Skrebets. They go to a war zone to rescue the Ukrainian soldiers

Work weekends and holidays. Leave a lot of doctors are on the front line

As you and the hospital staff had changed during the war?

Itself is difficult to assess. This is best seen from the side. And the staff became more friendly, more responsible. Work weekends and holidays. Leave a lot of doctors are on the front line.

Ukrainians in Canada applauded for 20 minutes. It was uncomfortable for her attention

How it is perceived family?

If you say OK, then they seem offended. There were circumstances that should work this way. I managed for a week to go to the Congress to Canada. Three years were invited, could not refuse. There the Ukrainians applauded for 20 minutes. It was uncomfortable for her attention.

The country began to reform medicine. What needs to change in the first place? What is sorely lacking?

Need a system that will be free to help the Ukrainians. But it’s hard to predict what will happen. If everything will happen in a civilized and reform a pull for good financing – all should be well. But could also pass as the repairs in the apartment. When one have enough money to break and others have to build. This fear most.

The factor of war should be considered?

It is very necessary. This is especially important for us as a border zone. We have worked with so many difficult and emergency cases, because I was prepared for this. We can not allow during the reforms have destroyed such centers as ours.

Call different numbers – from 10 to 20 thousand doctors annually go abroad for work. Someone went?

Unfortunately, from our. Grants in the form of salaries, bonuses. Otherwise people will have to leave the hospital for financial reasons.

Low wages is the main factor?

One of the main.

How much doctors earn after moving to Europe?

Some of our doctors settled in the Czech Republic, and Poland. Earn 1200 dollars.

What should be the salary of a doctor, to the profession was considered prestigious?

Most important of all – the doctor in society was demanded. He should earn at least a high specialist of IT branch or Manager in the company. Then the doctor will respect yourself. And it will be respected.

Author: Eldar SARACHMAN

Sergey RYZHENKO: “we Need a system that is free to assist the Ukrainian. But it’s hard to predict what will happen”

With the beginning of the war you’ve started a page in Facebook. Talk about the wounded, about the doctors. What is the reaction of the people most surprised?

Many children who come to us, no relatives. To him no one comes. And people read the posts and come. Sometimes to reach by public or charitable organizations. Something convey the wounded. Attention helps them to recover. Have you seen the photo where a guy with a broken hand and multiple wounds smiling? Because to him someone came to visit. It helps psychologically.

How did the Ukrainians during the three years of the war?

Residents of Dnipro has changed significantly. If three years ago, said that several hundred people will come to donate blood, I would have believed. They want to give something to win.

There is a sense that people are used to war?

Of course. This is the most horrible feeling, which is today. Things to get used to it and think it should be.

In what ways?

For example, no one responds when you go “fast”.

How to continue to help soldiers who were without arms, legs, who have no relatives?

There is a good example – Invalides in Paris. It is located in the city centre, near the Eiffel tower on the Champ de Mars. Every person who defends his country deserves a decent future. We must create the conditions to all former fighters feel part of the community and core worthy.

What will you do on the second day after the victory?

I never thought about it.