The Parasyuk want to win – expert

“Members are happy to vote”. Photo: Facebook

The Verkhovna Rada withdraw immunity from Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk. About it said public figure Dmitry korchinskiy.

“Parasyuk one of the few decent MPs who naively performs according to their own convictions and not benefit. That is why is such universal hatred of the deputies.

Parliament has already lost his dignity last night when hall brought the police without a solution. This had no consequences, that is, the collapse of parliamentarism. Because Parliament is not only a pipeline for the production of laws. This is an important counterweight to the Executive branch. Now such a counterweight is not.

Poroshenko saw a small group of people could break his business. He now loses, because he shared Kononenko, Akhmetov. Had its share of trade with the occupied territories. It now covered. Of course, he hates those people who did it. And Parasyuk was to blockade the loudest. On it and want to win.

Immunity will be removed very quickly. The presentation will consider the procedural Committee, there seems to Bank the people from the BPP. Maybe next week. Next – at the next plenary meeting will make the decision. People who are jealous of his madness, because they are forced to stick my tongue up your ass and keep quiet for the sake of the prospects for career advancement, happy to vote.

On independence, the then opposition was afraid to take responsibility. And Parasyuk just encouraged people to dump Yanukovych. Could not understand that in case of defeat Maidana would be the first one to pursue. Due to this, Poroshenko had the opportunity to come to power. And all those who are now in power, largely owe Parasyuk, in particular. These people are showing ingratitude towards the people and actually Parasyuk,” – said korchinskiy.

On March 14 at a checkpoint near Slavyansk was a conflict between the police and the people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk. Through the checkpoint moved a convoy of 13 vehicles, which were more than 35 people. They refused to undergo standard checks and provoked the conflict.

Later, the column was detained near Kramatorsk. To stop her, the militiamen fired several shots into the air.