Arrested the killer, who staged a shooting in the capital’s apartment

Photo: Department of communication of the police of Kiev

In the Dneprovsky district of Kiev, the conflict between friends ended in a fatal gunshot to the head. After the crime the killer has disappeared. Soon he was detained in Chernivtsi.

About it reports Department of communications of the police in the capital.

“The murder happened in one of house apartments along the street Lebedev. Three friends drank alcohol. One of them went to sleep. Between the other two quarrel broke out. Their buddy woke to the sounds of a struggle. Then came a few shots. The man left the room to check what happened. However, on the threshold faced by the guest. In his hands he held a pistol with a silencer. And in the next room lay his companion shot through the head. 53-year-old tenant tried to detain the murderer. In response to the received handle to the head. Was able to close the criminal in the apartment. He ran to the entrance. Began to call for help. However, the attacker jumped from the balcony and disappeared”, – stated in the message.

From the crime scene, the experts withdrew 5 cartridges and a pistol with a silencer. Killer caught in Chernivtsi and sent to Kiev. Detainee, a 37-year-old native of Dnepropetrovsk region. The man had previously been in prison. Arrived in the capital in early March. Lived in an apartment with friends. He faces up to 15 years in prison.

In Lviv shot 46-year-old man. He arranged the shooting of firearms and then committed suicide. Shot from the window of the 2nd floor. Law enforcement officers demanded to open the door. However, the man covered himself with a pillow and made a deadly shot himself in the head. The investigation continues.