“Blockade of Poroshenko – a fake” – the coordinator of the trade embargo

Anatoly Vinogrodsky, the commander of the battalion nazvanie “Donbass”, the coordinator of the trade embargo

The blockade does not recognize the decision of the President of Petro Poroshenko on the termination of transport communication with the occupied Donbass effective and consider it a game.

About it Gazeta.ua said 58-year-old Anatoly Vinogrodsky, the commander of the battalion nazvanie “Donbass”, the coordinator of the trade embargo.

“In the list of goods that the Cabinet resolved to carry on the occupied territory, it is possible to find loopholes to continue to trade with the invaders. Blockade Poroshenko nothing to do with our not. The government continues to act in the interests of Akhmetov. We do not hear. We continue to stand on all the redoubts. We will continue to achieve their goals. Main – recognition of the occupied Donbass and the liberation of our prisoners. Give the authorities time till April 2. We will continue to develop a new plan and act radically.

The government itself to this forcing. Us crazy crush. The chief police of the Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin in its decision forbade to move a region to the people without local residence registration. This violated the Constitution. Veterans of the ATO, which was in Kharkov, Kiev, Lviv, stopped by the police and does not pass on the checkpoints. And the passports of DNR can freely drive around the whole Donetsk oblast. Asked him why. Said that in his region of lawlessness will not tolerate.” Why, then, did not react, when police fired over the heads of unarmed veterans?

In the police station of Slavyansk blockade brought in handcuffs. Then with a malicious smile on camera explained that it was the witnesses who came voluntarily. Now a big story with the beating of people’s Deputy Vladimir parasiuk on the redoubt on March 14. But nobody says that then hunted it on the blockade. First, the chief of police on camera said that the car checked and all is well. Five minutes from the bus popped up people without insignia. Immediately pounced on veterans”, – told Anatoly Vinogrodsky.

15 March, the Council endorsed the proposal of the President of Petro Poroshenko to stop transport links with the occupied Donbass. 13:00 the police and National guard blocked all roads and railway lines that lead to the breakaway LC and DNR.