How to develop a case of the chief sneak – a view Butusova


Suspended Chairman of the State fiscal service Roman Nasirov will not escape from the Ukraine. It will be worse.

About it in the comments said the journalist Yury Butusov.

“Nasirov will not escape from the country. And where will he go? Everywhere in the world there are the results. Russia just not to be.

The best remedy is to stay in the country. If you go – will international search. You can’t walk. Thus will assume all the risks.

The case will end with convictions. Establish the guilt of someone from the leadership of the fiscal service.

There is an option that responsibility is Nasirov will carry the heads of the regional offices of DFS, who were engaged in the submission of primary documents. Although the likelihood that he Nasirov going to jail, high. His liability is obvious.

The current Criminal procedure code does not contribute to the investigation of organized crime, but rather protects it. The case can last a long time,” said the journalist.

The head of the State fiscal service Novel Nasirova charged with tax loan for a number of enterprises related to the “gas business” ex-the people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko.

On the night of March 7, Solomenskiy district court of Kiev chose Nasirova measure of restraint – detention for a period of 60 days with an alternative pledge of 100 million UAH.

SAP asked the court to appoint 2 billion of collateral.

On 16 March, the wife Nasirov has bailed him out. The detached head of GFS released from prison. Him wearing an electronic bracelet.