Knocked the girl and flew into the building: the driver has committed two accidents

The morning of March 17 in Kiev the driver of the minibus Opel Vivaro hit a girl. And then, escaping from prosecution witness to the accident, crashed into a building.

This was reported by “Guardians of espresso”.

The accident occurred in the Podolsk district of Kiev. According to eyewitnesses, 25-year-old driver of the minibus brought down the girl-the pedestrian and fled the scene.

“One of the witnesses chased the van. The driver-the violator stopped on the street Dubrovitsky, left on dirt road, but not in time to brake and crashed into the wall of the boiler room near the house №7”, – is reported.

It is noted that the unmanaged minibus just again hit a pedestrian who was walking near the building.

The driver of the offending and the passenger with injuries of varying severity of a visor “fast”. According to witnesses, the driver had at himself no documents and was with the signs of intoxication that must confirm medical examination.

The girl was hit, suffered minor injuries.

At the scene worked, the police and investigatory-operative group.

In the Olkhovka village of the Kharkiv region the drunk driver crashed into a public transport stop. According to them, killed the man who was standing at the bus stop.