St. Patrick’s day: interesting facts


St. Patrick’s day is celebrated on 17 March.

According to the official version, 17 March 415 ad in Wales, in the family of Roman citizens of Calpurnius and Conchessa, a boy was born — Meiwin … Mevina father was a small landowner and deacon of the local Church, but held this position mainly for the money, so the young Patrick was not particularly faithful.

Symbols of the holiday is all Irish drinks, clothes (if not national Irish clothing, at least green attire), music, songs and dances.

Special and the official symbol of St. Patrick’s Day is the Shamrock clover, which, according to legend, St. Patrick himself chose as the sign of the impersonation of faith and of the Trinity.

The main attribute of the holiday is the clothing of rich emerald green. Especially popular is the sweater with a huge trefoil on the chest. If not, fit green t-shirt elf costume with white knee socks and a fabulous red beard. You can also paint a face or strands of hair with special paints.

On St. Patrick’s Day offers traditional Irish dishes , such as fried chicken, mutton stew with cabbage, potato pie, mashed with cabbage and butter potatoes, and black pudding. Washed down with ale, beer or stronger drinks.

On this day, arrange parades. On the streets, people in extravagant costumes and music.

The motto of the holiday fits in one word – Craic. It means “joy and delight”. People drink beer and dance group Irish dance kaylie.

In 2015 this day in green color of the holiday was painted Sydney Opera house, Empire state building, the Berlin TV tower and the leaning tower of Pisa.