“At the birthday party of Sasha I found his picture in one of the hospitals of Donetsk” – the sister of the missing cyborg

Photo: Valeriy Shmakov

Alina Friedrich’s looking for her brother, missing cyborg Alexandra Cooper, January 20, 2015.

“He was on the protection of the Donetsk airport from 6 to 21 January. There they were transported through the power of the separatists. After a search they were allowed to carry only one horn. Brother’s been in touch constantly. We agreed that if he calls in the morning, we know that he was all right. Starting from January 14, the brother told the father that the ammo they have very little. We called the Department of defense. Requested that the boys helped. What we were told not to worry, because help goes to them,” the woman said.

After the first detonation Alina Vladimirovna called Colonel Gurin, who had headed consolidated division of two brigades and a battalion.

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“On January 19 with them were still Gurin Sergey Gennadevich. The guys who returned from captivity, said that he was the only person who could give the command, knowing already there was nothing to protect. I called to him, when after the explosion of January 19, he was taken from there. He said, “What are you all to call me! I may be shell-shocked?!”. To which I replied: “Is there at the airport left at least one person who wasn’t shell-shocked? He said, “I never call, I’m shell-shocked””.

After the second detonation of the airport telephone Alexander did not answer.

“In the night from 20 to 21 January I called back the father Gavrilaki Ostap (Ostap was also the airport) and asked if I called Sasha. Then learned that the airport was blown up again. Phone brother then did not answer. When he returned from captivity cyborg Taras Kolodiy told me that after blasting my brother was still alive, but had severe concussion. So I didn’t know and not focused where he was and what was happening to him. Kept saying that he needed to intrude on the post. Taras moved away from it to other wounded. And when he returned, the brother was no longer there. Then someone said that he had seen as he went to the side of the runway. After about two weeks after the explosion of the airport, his phone appeared online. When called, I answered in Russian. Said that found the phone in the vest at slots,” says.

The woman finally found his brother, but only in pictures.

“Second of September, the birthday of Sasha I found his picture in one of the Donetsk hospitals. In the photo of the man with a bandaged head, hands and on a drip. Parents confirmed that it was him. There is evidence of doctors on the side that said he was in the hospital. But where exactly – we are no one to this day can not tell. None of the guys from the hospital took, nor when nor where they were taken”.

Several times Alexander came to her sister during sleep. Every time in the same.

“If bus rides and I know it’s taking our guys who were in captivity. From the bus then comes my son, we hug, we cry and he said, “Alina, you finally found me!”. I’m sure God gives a person to endure as much as man can endure. I believe and know that he was still alive. And he will be back”.

Missing four cyborgs are still looking for. This 24-year-old Yuri Kovalev, a 30-year-old Alexander Kravchuk, 44-year-old Valery Stepanishin, 48-year-old Alexander Cooper. After the 20th January 2015 about them no news. All four soldiers from 7th company of the 3rd battalion of the 80th separate airmobile brigade.