“Could not stay at home when the Russians came to the Crimea” – wounded in the ATO

Photo: Eldar Sarachman

“I’m probably not fit for military service. Leg to good use. Severed arteries and veins,” says wounded soldier of the 8th separate special battalion of the UDA “Aratta” Yaroslav Shevchenko. He received a severe wound of the abdomen and extremities.

25-year-old man lying several weeks in the intensive care of polytrauma of the Dnepropetrovsk OKB. Mechnikov.

Yaroslav Shevchenko was born in Mariupol. He graduated from the electro-mechanical College. As soon as the war started he volunteered for the front.

“I haven’t been on the Maidan, I thought let them decide internally. But when the Russians entered Crimea, I realized that I can’t sit at home, went to war. It is the duty of every man. We know that we are fighting”.

At the beginning of the war, Yaroslav served in the battalion “Donbass”. Then he transferred to the 6th company of the 93rd brigade APU, then UDA “Aratta”

“Sent the questionnaire to the battalion “Donbass”. While waiting for the answer, went to the recruiting office. There for me as on the fool looked. Called back a month later with “Donbass” and went to him to volunteer. Facebook Semenchenko about good providing said training, the heap of equipment. All so beautifully described, and we even 10 rounds not shot. All this was depressing, and after three months at the site of the 93rd brigade APU decided to go to them. The whole company, more than 130 people. The first major task – the Donetsk airport in 2015. It was his last days. January 15 evening came in the WCT. 17 morning formed a column and went to storm the position of the “monastery” at the airport. On the ground floor then we were in the basement and on floors 2-3 separable. Constantly with the new terminal the sniper worked. A strange thrill of battle. Feel among friends”.

At the airport, a man received his first wound.

“When the relatives found out that he volunteered, grandmother came to a military unit with my thick medical book. “Who have you got, Yes he is sick, the lame, the blind.” A little to the brigade commander, is not reached. The father, as the man reacted with understanding to my decision, but as a father seriously. It is for me support, thanks to him I am.”

According to Yaroslav events in the country have dramatically changed his life.

“During the events in Mariupol with the so-called referendum, lost more than half of friends. I still remember how in may in the town stopped a military convoy with Ukrainian flags and my friend said “come, Come, your come.” I do much sunk into the soul. Over time these friends changed views, but left an unpleasant aftertaste. But all the intellectuals who are able to think, was from the very beginning for Ukraine. Remember how, during rotation, come make teeth. Going to the dentist, which I do not know. Sitting in a chair, talking, asks why I have a beard. That war. When finished, specify how much. “Don’t even think,” said the doctor. It struck because when we were in the battalion, Mariupol almost all been separ. During the war the city had changed. There is a good trend, but redneck as it is. Some workers (employees of Mariupol metallurgical plant named after Ilyich), are still sects are going and dream about the Russian world”.

“In war I noticed that all who fought, served, know the story. Those who were over all the Republic, “ate” mostly just from the TV. And I always knew that I am Ukrainian and was for Ukraine”, – says Yaroslav.

Details for assistance: card “Privat” 5168 7554 0907 52 60 (Shevchenko Nataliya Pavlovna – mother of Yaroslav)

Shirokino is a village in the Ukraine, Volnovakha district, Donetsk region. Located on the shore of the Azov sea, 22 km from the railway station of Mariupol. During the Russian-Ukrainian war, the village several times passed under the control of militants of the DND and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As a result of fierce fighting, about 60% of the buildings in the village were partially or completely destroyed, and most residents left the village. As of mid-April 2015 in a statement it had 40 inhabitants. 26 Feb 2016 the militants left Shyrokyne, Ukrainian troops are not in a hurry to take their position based on the total zaminirovanii.