Drugstores threw “Molotov cocktails”

Photo: RIA Melitopol

In Melitopol in Zaporozhye unknown persons set fire to the parliamentary network pharmacies “Optima”. The incident occurred in the night of March 17.

About this report “Local news”.

“The offenders threw the pharmacy bottles with an incendiary mix. Two pharmacies located at Prospekt 50-letiya Pobedy street and Grizodubova. According to eyewitnesses, tried to set fire to a third. The pharmacy, which is located on the Avenue, burnt inside to a crisp. In General, a network “affiliate” of Melitopol city Council Deputy from the “Opalocka” Helen trosin. Local media the owner of the network called her ex-spouse”, – stated in the message.

In Vinnitsa near the house on the Khmelnytsky highway burned the car of Ford Focus of the Deputy of city Council Dmitry Umanets. On the spot found a canister with 5 liters of gasoline. According to the Deputy, he tried to intimidate. Police are looking for intruders.