If you rename the ATO in the war, will start the third world – Scherbak

photo: Gazeta.ua

The leadership of Ukraine should not recognize ORDO occupied.

About it Gazeta.ua said the diplomat and member of the “Pershoho grudnia” Yuri Shcherbak.

“Officials not convincingly and consistently explain the legal side of the question. Russia expects from Ukraine a false signal to resort to full-scale aggression, and to tell the West that Ukrainians have started. Therefore, all these acts and the cries of martial law, the Declaration of Russia almost war and the revision of relations with it should be very balanced. This caution is connected with the councils of Western States, in particular Germany and Angela Merkel. They teach us to be very careful with Putin,” – said the diplomat.

The President of Russia – the military and political criminal, it is waiting for the Hague court.

“If you rename the anti-terrorist operation in the war, then Russia will send to the us cruise missiles and start world war III. You have to be careful,” – said Shcherbak.

“But no one gets hurt Ukraine’s fate as us. It is not always necessary to listen to European experts. They want a job to settle the conflict and to put a tick. For example, we understand that the Minsk agreements have already died, but the West continues to insist on their implementation”, he added.

The bill on the recognition of uncontrolled territories occupied had been registered in the Verkhovna Rada in July 2016.