On another continent, and found deposits of oil and gas that will enrich Ukraine


Antarctica is interesting not only for studies of climate and biological resources, but also for its raw materials.

This was explained in an interview with TSN.ia Director of the National Antarctic center of the Ministry of education of Ukraine Valery Litvinov.

“Now in Antarctica, a ban on the mining, however, several countries have stated their territorial claims on the continent.
Alone oil and gas on the sixth continent, no less than in the Arabian Peninsula,” he said.

Noted that even the Ukrainian polar station “Akademik Vernadsky” located on the island of Galindez, brosal three oil and four gas fields.

“And it’s such a rich continent. Not afraid to say that the wealth of Ukraine will grow due to Antarctica” – said Litvinov.

Ukrainian scientists have created a cure for cancer of the microorganisms which are found near the Arctic station “Academician Vernadsky” Antarctic.