“Escape of the Roman Nasirov will cause outrage in the community”

Nasirov escape will outrage the community, because it shows the degradation of power. Photo: zn.ua

The escape of the Roman Nasirov will be the signal of power failure. Society would be outraged, and enemies to use.

About it Gazeta.ua said political analyst Volodymyr Bondarenko.

“Nasirov opaque deduced from-under pledge. Even the gate at the border will be open, those of his team have paid bribes. Everything is definitely in order, so he fled and remained silent about those who did all the corruption schemes, allowing not to pay taxes. Reminiscent of the case of Sergei Kluyev, who was given to escape. First announced the suspicion in separatism. And after that was invited to perform in the Verkhovna Rada a rebuttal”.

The escape will be to blame especially the President and the High Council of justice:

“Judges remain intact. The judicial system takes on a unique bribe and thus making decisions as to Nasirov release from custody. Him a billion to do the security. And 100 million is ridiculous for a man whose overseas property much more valuable. Another corruption schemes he has earned at least a billion. Nasirova shame to say: “Thank you wife that made money”. She did not even sold with the business objects, and money appeared”.

According to Bondarenko, after escaping Nasirov confidence in the government will fall, people will think how to defend, despair in the whole law enforcement system:

“Soldiers who are now defending the country, will think: “Why protect a country where everything is bought and sold”. Someone stole and ransomed. Escape Nasirov will mean a degradation of power. Enemies can take advantage of it – Russia will be on all channels to say that Nasirova was released, before it also released, and corruption flourishes. On the basis of real problems, will divert attention from attacks in the East. So support the “fifth column” in the country”.

On 16 March, the head of the State fiscal service Roman Nasirov got out on bail. Wife has made him 100 million UAH.

Nasirova is being accused of providing tax loan for a number of enterprises related to the “gas business” ex-the people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko.

17 Mar official interviewed at the National anti-corruption Bureau.