The top 3 PAMM-accounts PrivateFX according to the results of the trading week 13.03-19.03.2017

According to the results of the past trading week among the top management-20 leaders on capital investment (CI) in our ranking of the Top 3 PAMM-accounts PrivateFX includes the following accounts:

No. 1: a PAMM-account Patrik (2526) with a score of 6.68% return to investors for the week;

Place No. 2: PAMM-account PARAMON (2331): 2.72% return to investors for the week;
No. 3: PAMM-account Casey (7910) with result: 2.63% return to investors over the week.

Congratulations to the winners of the trading platform brokerage companies PrivateFX!

As you can see, trading in the company is in full swing, the growth of investors ‘ capital is rapid. Perhaps we are now seeing the emergence of promising giant in the financial sector.
Moreover, participating in an unprecedented popular campaign “Collect the letters, get money” ( you can also get to your account from $5,000 to $10,000. And it will agree, no small bonus for a fairly simple action in the action.
If you wish to join PrivateFX to start investing and earn every week such interest income as we can see in the Top 3 PAMM-accounts you need to register on the official website of the company PrivateFX.Com (, with each new client for trial investment almost immediately welcome will be credited $ 100 from the company.