Another bloody “Sberbank” was bricked up with cinder blocks

Photo: East project

Today, March 20, at Kramatorsk, the members of the “National body” of the cinder block walled office of the Russian “Sberbank”. The Windows were pasted leaflets with the image of the Kremlin and the inscription: “the Bank of the aggressor, it will be closed.”

This writes the “Eastern project”.

The Bank employees came in the morning to work. Later left the premises of the financial institution and shut it down.

Activists set up the tents for observation.

March 7, in the “Sberbank of Russia” in Russia began to serve the customers with the so-called passports of the LC and the DNI. In Ukraine these organizations as terrorist.

Blockers need to stop the activity of “Sberbank”. The government gave a two weeks.