“Dude, if you’re homophobic – don’t worry” – the film was released on police

The heroes of the film, Jon Baker and Frank Poncherello trying to reach an understanding Photo: planetakino

March 23 in rolling out American action-adventure Comedy “California highway patrol” directed by DAX Shepard. In the Internet appeared the trailer.

The main characters of the film, Jon Baker and Frank Poncherello recently joined the California highway patrol. But they each have their own motives: John is an experienced biker, who is trying to rebuild their lives and return to the marriage and Frank is an FBI agent undercover, which is to find traitors among the patrol. These different partners need to work together and save the city from the usual thieves. John and Frank must overcome their differences to become a real team. And can find common language at once. “Dude, if you’re homophobic – don’t worry,” says John Frank, and then hugging another man.

DAX Shepard also made the film as a screenwriter, producer and actor. Actors Ryan Hansen and Kristen bell had previously starred with the TV series “Veronica Mars”.

The film is based on the eponymous TV series, which aired from 1977 to 1983, releasing a total of 139 episodes.

In the Internet appeared the trailer of the first Ukrainian Thriller “Chervona” Director Zaza Buadze.