Eurovision: what awaits us in may

April 30 at the Sofia area will begin one of the fan zones of the Eurovision song contest-2017. It will be held in the Ukrainian capital, may 9-13.

Fan zone contest will work on Sofiyska square

What surprised Kiev

This year will be the longest red carpet in the history of Eurovision – 265 m. the contestants may 7 at 17.00 will be held the Verkhovna Rada, the Constitution square – up to the observation deck. From there on the car will go to the Convention center, known as the helipad of Yanukovych. There will be held the opening ceremony.

An international delegation of countries participating in the Eurovision 2017 said that Kiev is ready to accept competition.

“All the issues that arose for 7-8 months, has been resolved. I am proud to announce that we are ready to host,” said Executive Director of the Eurovision Jon Ola sand.

March 28 will begin to prepare for the Eurovision song contest international exhibition center. On Khreschatyk street between the streets of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Welt will operate fan zone.


The presenters of the Eurovision song contest (left to right) Vladimir Ostapchuk, Alexander skichko and Timur Miroshnychenko

Ukraine will be the leading format. Usually, although not enshrined in the rules of Eurovision are a man and a woman. The may contest in Kyiv will be lead by three men – Vladimir Ostapchuk, Alexander skichko and Timur Miroshnichenko.

Since February 14 began to sell tickets. They cost from 700 to 3 thousand UAH. Already sold more than 23 thousand the Greatest demand is for the rehearsal of the final.

“There is experience. Here is confidence. There is a sense of”

Ukraine in the Eurovision song contest-2017 will represent the group O. Torvald. They scored the highest number of votes in the national selection.

“This powerful group. There is experience. Here is confidence. There is a sense of,” commented their victory Jamal.

The soloist of group Eugene Galich – by profession a military engineer of telecommunication systems and networks, the Lieutenant of a stock. Since childhood, studied music. After the death of Andrei Kuzmenko Galich became the vocalist of the group “Skryabin”.

“I like O. Torvald, the group has experience of concerts in Europe. I support the boys and said, “Guys, well imagine Ukraine”. We will not disgrace ourselves”, – says the soloist of group DZIDZIO Mikhail Khoma.

O. Torvald – will perform in the finals (country-host automatically gets to the final) at number 22.

Russia is once again with the scandal

From Russia to the contest, going 27-year-old Yulia Samoylova. She has performed in the occupied Crimea.


Russian singer Yulia Samoylova in 13 years became the invalid of the first group, wheelchair

The election of Russia’s Samoilova, singer, that a child is a wheelchair user, is a provocation with far-reaching consequences, says the head of the project “Maidan of foreign Affairs” Andriy Klymenko.

“This choice has another, much more important political feature. This is a provocation with far-reaching consequences. 27 Jun 2015 Samoilova performed in occupied Kerch together with Gazmanov and Lolita,” wrote Klimenko in Facebook.

Information about its performance on the Peninsula is listed on the official website of the singer. Klimenko reminded that the security Service does not start in Ukraine of the artists performing in the occupied territories of Russia. The very same problem Julia did not see:

“I went there to sing, to please the people, to recharge your emotions. Maybe you will tell me: “Oh, why did you go to a Perm”. This is all very strange. The mind boggles,” said Samoylova.

SBU has not decided to ban entry Samoilova on the territory of Ukraine.

What are the chances

Bookmakers predict victory at the Eurovision song contest 2017 the Italian singer 34-year-old Francesco Gabbana song Occidentali”s Karma.

Italy is a member of the “big five” (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) of the contest, so Francesco goes automatically to the finals.

Predict the second place of Belgium, the third – Sweden. Russia takes the 10th place according to the forecasts of bookmakers. Ukraine – on the 26th.

Eurovision the language of numbers

The competition Ukraine will spend 455,7 million. Another 200 million UAH from the budget of Kyiv. The European broadcasting Union allocates €4.5 million.

Author: Eurovision/Andres Putting (EBU)

Last year at the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm Jamal won the contest with a song “1944”

In the Ukrainian capital will be 43 participants. This is a record number. So before this has happened twice, in 2008 and 2011.


Ruslana won Eurovision in 2004

Most often in the competition perform songs in English. The language sang 24 winners. In second place the French – 14.

The competitive song can not last more than 180 C.

This year Ukraine will participate in the song marathon 15 times. 2016 at the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm Jamal won with a song “1944”. This is the second victory for Ukraine in this competition. In 2004, first place at the Eurovision song contest took Ruslana’s song “Wild dances”.