“The ICU is full”: the doctor told me in the Crimea celebrated the annexation

After the annexation of the Peninsula to the Crimea came low-quality alcohol and “Hawthorn”

In the Crimea during the celebration of the annexation of the Peninsula a few dozen people were poisoned with alcohol.

About it Gazeta.ua reported the doctor of the Donetsk Alexander Chernov.

“I talked with my colleague who works in the Crimea. Told interesting details about how celebrated the anniversary, when formed by Russia. At 15:00 in Yalta the intensive care unit was full of “itemname”. Every hour, take 2-3 newcomers. On routes all emergency personnel. On the third anniversary of three “stiff”. One in a drunken brawl on his head, one drink at home, and the other in the hospital is not “pumped”.

In the Livadia hospital duty double teams of resuscitation. Brought extra beds for those who “Hawthorn” went through. These more than thirty,” said the doctor.

To celebrate the “reunion” in the occupied Crimea arrived and Ukrainian politicians. Officials in the occupied Crimea refused to give their names. Now checking deals with the national security Council.