Yarosh said, as Ukraine will return the Crimea

photo: Eldar Sarachman

Annexed Crimea back to the Ukraine after the collapse of Russia. For this you need to destabilize the situation inside Russia.

This was stated by the MP Dmitry Yarosh in an interview with “Country”.

“Donbass can return in a fairly quick run. From the Crimea will be more difficult. I’m more associated with active work on the collapse of the Russian Empire. Using all factors in Russia, destabilizing it. It is the Muslim factor in the North Caucasus, Chinese. Without bloodshed then it would be possible to return the Crimea. In 1989, I could not think that in the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union. He was much more powerful than imperica headed the Kremlin dwarf Putin. There ideology was. And that collapsed. And these will fall apart. It is necessary to facilitate the process. This is to raise the level of our intelligence services.

If to speak about the military operation, I do not advocate. Understand the losses that we incur. The entire Peninsula is a military base. The terrain is not favorable for offensive fighting. So we will be very difficult. Most likely, this will not do” – said Yarosh.

He noted that Ukraine has the resources to undermine Russia from the inside. But for this we need political will of state leadership.

In March 2014, after the invasion of Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea and organized a “referendum” on his self-determination. After that, Moscow has enlisted the Ukrainian Peninsula in its membership.

Later Russia began to destabilize the situation in the Donbas. Russia supplies terrorists of DNR and LNR weapons and aims at Donbass mercenaries and their regular troops. From mid-April 2014 in Donetsk and Luhansk regions are fighting.

The full interview with Dmitry Yarosh look in the magazine “Krajina”.