Father with 13 children create exclusive items made of metal

Photo: Sergey Duda

The immigrant Sergey Duda opened a blacksmith “Anvil” in the backyard of his home in Odessa. His 13 children attached to the case. Everyone has their own duties: blacksmith, designer, sales Manager, assistant. He told about it Gazeta.ua.

Money on business Sergey Duda received thanks to a grant from the project “New countdown 2.0”. For the sum of 80 thousand UAH he purchased equipment for the blacksmith shop.

“I am majoring Builder, have a higher education. In the Donetsk region was headed by a construction firm. Working with your hands was not necessary. After the war, the eldest daughter with her husband moved to Odessa. Son-in-law went to study at the forge. Then I started to do something myself. I liked it. Wanted to try myself in this matter. Now opened his own smithy, where both work. The room was arranged in the garage. Did hood, supplied the necessary equipment,” says Mr Duda.

Made bars on the Windows, doors, fences, railings for stairs, gates. All products are exclusive. They create wishes and descriptions of the customer. The most expensive gate cost 35 thousand UAH. Of these, about 27 thousand UAH – the cost of materials. The cheapest is available for 7 thousand

“Very helpful children. 12-year-old Pasha always sweeps, looks for the procedure. 19-year-old Daniel makes individual parts. Gradually learning to do something difficult. Other children can help to bring something, keep. Eldest daughter Natalie lives in Lviv. Has finished Academy of arts. Doing individual projects. Depending on the wishes of the customer creates on the computer sketches, which produce the product”

The project “New count” is implemented Impact Hub Odessa with the support of International Fund “Revival” in the Odessa region. The project team helps to start a business or support business. In 2015, launched a program of business training for immigrants. Training in the business incubator were 90 people, 43 of them defended business plans, and 14 have won grants to implement business ideas. In 2016, the grants for business development were got by 17 people. Projects 31 participants have received funding for a total amount of 1,8 million UAH.