For the blockade to answer “any parasiuk” – Lutsenko’s wife

The BPP said about the effects of the embargo

For organizing the blockade of the occupied territories of the Donbas must be held responsible “Samopomich” and separate deputies.

This was at the conciliatory Council was declared by the Deputy Chairman of the faction PPO Irina Lutsenko.

“The main problem of the weeks are the consequences of the blockade.

The faction of the BPP warned that we will never trade with the enemy. This PR on the blood, which was organized by the initiators of the blockade to their advantage, having misled the veterans of the ATO, will have negative consequences for the economy.

The result is the capture by the terrorists of DNR-LNR Ukrainian enterprises, which employ hundreds of thousands of our citizens.

The national security Council declared a real blockade on the state level. To pay the militants is contrary to our interests.

But the political responsibility for the consequences of the blockade should be borne by the organizers. Responsible are “Samopomich”, whose deputies organized a blockade and all the political forces that supported them, including all parasiuk.

A consequence of the first – instead of reducing power tariffs by 5.8% NERC announced an increase of 1%. Because the coal must be delivered from the African continent.

The second consequence – the IMF has postponed the allocation of tranche of us to list what the consequences for the economy will have this blockade.

Third – if the situation continues, the national Bank will be forced to “extinguish” the hryvnia.

Fourth – there is information that workers remained in the occupied territory, the militants set forcibly for military service,” said she.

The Council of national security and defense adopted a decision on temporary interruption of transport communication with the uncontrolled territories of Donbass.