In Parliament blocked the rostrum (photo)

Representatives of the faction “Self-help”, some members of the BPP and “Batkivshchyna” blocked the rostrum.

It occurred during consideration of the question of the definition of representative of the Parliament to Commission external audit of NABOO. We are talking about the auditor.

“The Parliament is coming Automaidan. Already going people who are concerned about the attempt to compromise the independence of the anticorruption Bureau. Decisions of the Committee (representatives of the audit. – was not.

We have delegated to people who chose Artem Sytnik (the Director of the Bureau. – Gave sanction to the prosecution of the first peoples Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko. The last thing today is upsetting mutual responsibility kleptocracy. Don’t allow yourself to get into a political grave.

There are a few people in the country who are afraid that they will be following Romanorum Nasirov (chair of DFS. –”, – said the people’s Deputy Yegor Sobolev.

The MP has proposed to reconvene a meeting of the Committee and “make a recommendation” by the auditors.

At the same time the people’s Deputy Ivan krulko said that the President’s Administration “does not give the opportunity for Parliament to appoint at least one independent auditor”.

According to him, this could be the representative of the USA Robert Storch. “The person who carried out the audits, in particular the FBI,” said Krulko.

Anti-corruption Committee proposed to Parliament the candidacy of Robert Storch and Nigel brown to the position of auditor of NABOO.

16 March, Parliament rejected a proposal to vote for election of the independent auditor.