The economist said, the survival of the Ukrainian economy without IMF tranche


Deferred tranche of the International monetary Fund is causing a negative perception in society, but, in fact, does not threaten.

About it said economist Boris Kushniruk.

“Delayed tranche is not destabilizie course. When the Council of national security and defense took a decision to temporarily suspend the movement of goods across the line of demarcation in the zone of armed conflict in the East of Ukraine, there is a question: what losses for the state budget is the result? What are the problems with the trade balance? What’s the harm of lost revenue from exports? That is, the IMF was asked to calculate the economic consequences for the country, to know how she’ll cope with the obligations and requirements that are set in front of her Fund?”, – the economist said.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian government needs at least 3 weeks to explain to the Fund the information he wants.

“This is the time needed for correspondence of the IMF and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. After explaining the financial and economic situation in Ukraine will make the decision. If the Fund satisfies the money allocated, if not — the question hangs in the air. Until the situation is critical,” says Kushniruk.

The Ukrainian economy will survive without the IMF tranche, he adds: “But now we are in trend growth, without tranche will decline”.

The IMF Executive Board has postponed the planned Monday the consideration of the completion of the third review of the eff program for Ukraine.