The shopping center has a man with a knife stabbed ex-wife

Photo: Central police Department of Odessa

In Odessa, the man cut his ex-wife on suspicion of kidnapping his car. The incident occurred March 19 in the shopping center on Catherine street.

It is reported by the seaside city police Department.

“On the eve of the unknown men stole a car. Thought that involved ex-spouse. Came into the store for the woman. Decided to find out. During the conflict 43-year-old man several times hit ex-girlfriend with a knife. The victim was hospitalized to the hospital. She had penetrating stab wounds of the neck, thorax and abdomen. The woman was operated on”, – stated in the message.

Forward detained. He is now in a temporary detention center. The knife was sent for examination. The police started criminal proceedings. The investigation continues.

In Darnytskyi district of the capital man stabbed ex-wife with firearms. The incident occurred on March 6, trostyanetskaya street. It is known that the shot man out of the car. 27-year-old woman with a wound to the cheek was hospitalized in the maxillofacial Department of a hospital. The police clarifies all the circumstances of the shooting.