High-rise fire: fire delivered two children

Photo: Chiefoperating

March 20, around 19.00 there was a fire in the apartment on the first floor in 9-storey house on the street Lajos gavro, 14-And in Kiev.

This was reported by the press service DSNs area.

“While extinguishing the fire, was rescued children 3 or one year. They were hospitalized in the hospital OKHMATDYT. As well as four adults. Three adults refused hospitalization, one was taken to hospital”, – is reported.

40 people were evacuated and removed to fresh air. The cause and damage of the fire is being investigated.

According to media reports, the fire broke out in the room cleaners, which is located on the first floor.

In Chervonograd Lviv region, March 19, burned the boarding school. During a fire rescuers had to evacuate three adults and 25 children.