Pregnant grandmother and former Eurovision star 6 movies “French spring”

The heroine of Juliette Binoche and Lambert Wilson was pregnant at the same time Photo:

April 7 will begin the “Festival pre-premiere screenings” in the framework of the 14th festival “French spring”. The program included 6 French films.

“Mothers and daughters” dir. Noemi Saglio (Comedy)

A Comedy about mothers and daughters. Mado is the most infantile mother in the world. It is not going to grow up and if the roles were reversed with my 30 year old daughter avril. They both are pregnant at the same time. The opinion that it will soon be a grandmother, does not fit into Mado in the head. And avril in shock, because knows which of her mother’s mother.

The event was organized by the company “Arthouse traffic” together with the French Institute in Ukraine. All films are shown in original language with subtitles.

“Memories” dir. Bavo Defurne (romance)

Lilian works at a meat factory. Once known as Laura, she was a star in the music industry and even participated in the Eurovision song contest. Now she leads a solitary life in an apartment full of relics from its past glory days. Suddenly into her life comes a young boxer.

“Everything will be rock-n-roll” dir. Guillaume Canet (Comedy)

The film tells about a young musician, playing rock-n-roll. It throws the girl because of the fact that he was not a great success, and then he decides to become a true musical superstar.

“Kiss Beatrice” dir. Martin Provo (tragicomedy)

Claire is a midwife, who has devoted his entire life to other people. She worries about what might never become a mother herself. Claire’s life is turned upside down after the return of selfish and Beatrice, the former mistress of her father.

“Take me by storm” dir. Dany boon (Comedy)

The action takes place among the branches of the French special forces. There is no place for feelings. But everything changes when the ranks of the elite unit breaks bright and sexy girl police officer. She immediately conquers all brave guys, and they instantly fall in love with a new employee. Only the unyielding detachment commander. Believes that girls in SWAT have nothing to do.

“Life pub” dir. Claude Barras (cartoon)

In a nine year old boy Icarus is a very strange nickname and the tragic fate. He lived with his mother, but their life was not distinguished by remarkable events. After the sudden death of mother Icarus remains alone and withdraws into himself. Under the law a minor is sent to an orphanage, sending him a police officer named Raymond. Between a man and a boy friendships, which became the only Icarus support and communication with the outside world. Soon the main character will get into a world completely unfamiliar and alien, where many children with similar fates.

94 films from 47 countries will be shown at the International documentary film festival on human rights Docudays UA. March 24-31 will be held in Kiev 14 years in a row. The same will act programs, 10 of which are non-competitive.