“Shevchenko prize – when the executioner and the victim in a pit” – Zabuzhko

Photo: Elena Pavlova

5 times in 20 years has reissued the book of Oksana Zabuzhko “shevchenkiv MIF Ukrainy”. March 21 in Kiev presented a new publication – “shevchenkiv MIF Ukrainy Oksana Zabuzhko and his critics”. Cult study complements the collection of literary criticism and journalism – the reaction to the publication of this book.

“Every generation must translate the classics into the language. Otherwise, if it is archived and cannot be read, only to stiffen in front of her is what Lenin called “strangulation by arms,” – said Oksana Zabuzhko. – When 18-year-olds today say “Sheva – cool”, that’s fine. Importantly, they read Sheva and understand what is written there. The sensuality alive, she died. If a person feels may not react aggressively. Aggressively react just the ones that “by suffocating embrace.” And for each such an aggressive reaction, is in the end Russian soldiers. How much would it Smulevich covers and caps he wore”.

The application has streamlined the literary critic, the head of the Book Institute Rostislav Semkiv:
“Shevchenko is different. Like any talented person, he is multi-faceted. And it cannot be reduced to one face of a reading that was done during the Soviet period and continued by inertia. It is convenient to Shevchenko do some one – socialist-Democrat or revolutionary, devout Orthodox or Vice versa an atheist and fighter against religion. It always impoverishes a person. The range of his personality much more. Even these few last years produced many different guises Shevchenko. Just started the Revolution of Dignity, on the wall of the academic Institute of literature were graffiti. Shevchenko painted bandana, Franco in the orange helmet and Lesya Ukrainka in the respirator. The cutting edge, they were there beside the soldiers. this means that these canonical figures continue to be relevant. They then had something important for people who defend the dignity of the state and risk their lives. But it’s already said in the new language – the language of street graffiti.
It is important to show different facets of his personality. And, in fact, this book was important to continue the discussion. Because had insisted that Shevchenko is the author, which did not touch the hands. Everything is already drawn, you can only worship and debate is impossible”.

The writer told about letters and angry reaction to her interpretation of Shevchenko: “nothing to do with Shevchenko gentleman in the hat”, “nothing to carry it in a closed elitist society.” Of outrage, “as in Ukrainian may be some high shelf, which I have to learn and grow”. Other interpretations: “And then you will find some whore from Moscow sexological service, it will remove the film that Shevchenko was the illegitimate son of Catherine. Because it can not be the crest so smart”.

“I was against the retention of the Shevchenko prize, – said Oksana Zabuzhko. – I have a principled objection, conceptual. This is, unfortunately, the preservation of continuity with the USSR. Shevchenko prize – national award, introduced in 1964. What rights she retained in the independent Ukraine – the state determines who’s the best? Who’s number 1 and who is number 2? This Stalinist authoritarian state shall designate the first writer, the first artist, filmmaker, steelworker, a milkmaid, and so on. In democratic countries it is still expert environment. But it is not even that. While maintaining continuity with the USSR-ovsky of the prize, winners are the executioners and the victims. Only the victim – posthumously – said Oksana s. I don’t understand how can you not feel all the humiliation for Stus, for culture, for the moral sense of the merger posthumously. The same Stalinist principle – the executioner and the victim in a pit. Quickly mix all together, spinning, to no one telling you where right from left. No, the culture begins with differentiation”.

The writer also noted the importance of post-traumatic syndrome Shevchenko, his mental state after his return from exile.

“We just came to this, when in society, there is still insufficient light, the problem of post-traumatic syndrome. Guys, Tashniki back after a year or two and, it turns out, they need to re-adapt to life. But before that, we didn’t know that. And many generations of Shevchenko’s creativity researches in principle is not evident to me that for a moment, then people in the Gulag served 10 years. He was pulled out of the life thereby arrest and throwing into oblivion with the prohibition to write and draw in 33 years. To contemporary secular standards is the age of marriage. Where Shevchenko was taken arrested, he was a boyar with Kostomarovskiy wedding that never happened. Throw it on 10 years. Do a real topic for psychologists, historians, for his future biographers, who do not see how it is after 10 years and returned as saddling a horse, which was shot down.

Sorry, we – Gulag country, we have not heard the topic of psychological rehabilitation of dissidents. “After the return from exile …” – for a moment, a man 12-15 years otbabahali there in Kolyma. Who wrote, who explored this post-traumatic syndrome, when the Ghost has been removed is returned and how to return? Shevchenko brilliantly coped with this. Painting – no, I now nothing to think about. Graphics. He sits on the etchings and becoming one of the best at the time of the European etchers, receives academician of engraving. Poluzakonnoy Shevchenko – Shevchenko is another thing, but it’s subclassi poet. That did not work? Family. 33-year-old was thrown out and returns with a fixation on those 33 years. And he was already 44. And all those friends of his were with the families, Oh, you have to be married, at least for a damn sister. There are young guys he hangs out with them, but they call father. He fell out of his social group through links.

Why this fixation on young girls – these “brylawski head”, Pinova, and Lukerya, what really broke his heart. Because this is the scenario. The writers always there is an adjustment of life under the plot. There’s this dream, that happiness, heaven on earth. And, boom, that’s all. “Brillowska head”, which he has lamictal, getting out of bed the tutor of the French language, which he or she was hired, says that would be bolder, then you have got. The world is falling apart, a complete collapse scenario. Ripped person. It was a blow, a huge blow, and it drove him into the grave before, no doubt”.

The event came more than two hundred guests. Among them, in the front row sat the Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk, who noted that “On the 200th anniversary of Shevchenko was preparing Putin’s visit to Ukraine.”

The book was published in the Metropolitan publishing “Komora”. The cover for the new edition was designed by an artist Rostyslav Luzhetsky. Its concept is reminiscent of the style of Facebook and symbolizes the myth of Shevchenko as a kind of social and cultural network.

The presentation was moderated by Yuri Makarov at the end summed up the main thing: “Read the classics necessary. Oksana Zabuzhko – too classic.”