The expert explained the new rules of money transfer from Russia

How the Ukrainians will withdraw money from Russia / Photo: Home

The Russian Federation has banned the transfer of money from the country through the payment system are non-residents to other countries. Action innovations will feel Ukrainian migrant workers in Russia. About it in the comments the Director of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko.

“A year ago Ukraine has banned the payment system, which is controlled by Russian owners. Now Russia has banned remittances from Russia via payment systems, where the owners are non-residents. You can transfer money only through the Russian payment system. Other countries where the work of the Russian system, the prohibition does not apply to,” – he said.

Ukrainians will seek new ways of money transfer.

“The year before, according to official statistics, thanks to the translations in Ukraine it is $ 5 billion. One third of this amount – from Russia. 80 percent of that money came through the payment system. If the ban finally, there is a risk that some of the workers finally move to Russia. There are any complications. Will need to either independently conduct money home, there will be informal arrangements. For example, illegal “collectors” that will deliver family money. You can use a Bank account,” says the economist.

According to him, the first time Ukraine may reduce foreign exchange earnings.

“Until people adapt to the new rules, Ukraine could receive billions of currency,” – says Okhrimenko.

Russia banned Ukrainian payment system. The law the state Duma adopted in the third reading.