Ukrainian produces the most expensive stone on the planet

The most expensive stone on the planet is worth $300 per carat. Фото

The most expensive stone on the planet is worth $300 per carat. It is a rare breed – tanzanite. There is only one place, where it is mined — the valley of Melisani located under the crater of the volcano Kilimanjaro. About it said Sergey, who 5 years ago moved to Africa. Previously extracted amber. But when the criminals threatened violence, urgently left the country.

“In Africa I have something like a jewelry store. Tanzanite has a very beautiful color. Jewelry with him are the stars. Africans to afford such a high cost can not”, – says Sergey.

He leased the mine. Along with 20 Africans daily descends into the ground at 400 m depth. He says their mines are very dangerous.

“Air is supplied through a tube. It forcibly pumps the compressor. Downstairs is dark and stuffy. If the lights got half an hour to get to the surface. There are no steps. The structure was built of wood, the aisles are very narrow. Come on and gouge the wall, until you find something suitable. Untreated tanzanite inconspicuous, but very hard and barely has a blue tint,” said the man.

During the day you can dig up 1 kg of stones. But after treatment the number reduced significantly. The man confesses that sells stone to other countries. This is the most profitable business.

“Outside of Tanzania price per carat increases from 500 to 2,5 thousand dollars. Depends on the purity of the stone and the person who is interested in them. Sell it much cheaper than Ukrainian amber”, – said the producer.

He lives Sergei modestly. In the valley Malinari has a wooden hut. Earned money lays a Bank account. Wants to build a house on the ocean.