“Disability Samoilova no excuse for breaking the law”

Alexander yagolnik commented on the prohibition of entry Samoilova. Photo: fakty.ictv.ua

The ban on entry into Ukraine to Russia’s representative at Eurovision-2017 Yulia Samoilova commented music producer and composer Alexander yagolnik.

“Russia got what you wanted. The nomination of a singer with disabilities in the Eurovision song contest was a provocation for Ukraine. Knew it was way out in the annexed Crimea. That Samoilov will test security. And still you chose her,” said Alexander yagolnik.

SBU has banned entry Samoilova for three years. S ditinstva got the Lancer group nvest, Peresvet on vsco. From 2015 year was vistupala s concert at Kerch in anacoana cream. Illegally Peretola reigning border Ukraine have skladi Argentano a groupie.

“Was one of the few who defended the participation of Yulia Samoilova in the Eurovision song contest. Singer with disabilities drew the lucky ticket. Thought needs to be given a chance to speak. But once the SBU has confirmed her participation in the concert in the Crimea in 2015, changed his mind. The law is the same for all. Disability cannot be an excuse for violators of the law.

We would not lose from what would allow it to act in Ukraine. Samoilov there would be evacuated from Ukraine how much money, how many other Russian artists. And without Eurovision continue to speak freely, when the war with Russia continues. I hope after the ban Yulia Samoilova, SBU carefully to check the Russian artists, who are touring in Ukraine.

In General, Ukrainian society has been able to refrain from negative statements in the address of a singer with disabilities. The nomination of such candidates is a provocation by Russia. It was clear from the outset.

Samoilova moved to a wheelchair. Has a limited capacity in the performance of songs. In a sitting position overlaps the aperture. It is impossible to sing in full force. Besides, picked up the composition a very low level. This also applies to semantic content, and arrangement.

Russia always has a “plan B”. Can nominated the following candidate — Alexander Panayotov. He expected to participate in the contest before the nomination Samoilova. Or even a popular British singer Robbie Williams. Expressed the desire to represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest on a talk show. Repeatedly from the Russian singers and politicians, there were calls to boycott the contest and do not send a representative. This option is also possible. In any case it will be a political decision.
It is unlikely that the government will intervene and cancel the decision of the SBU. The administration of President from the start about Samoilova chose a clear position. If Russian singer broke the law — she should be denied entry. Just like everyone else.

MP, singer and the godfather of the President Oksana Bilozir, the broadcast of one of Ukrainian channels called the representative from Russia “disfigurement”. She would make loud political statements that contradict the position of Poroshenko. About her, she is well known.

Can’t people with disabilities to call. Despite the annexation of Crimea and occupation of Donbas. Despite any political circumstances, ” – said Alexander yagolnik.

Julia Samoylova had to perform an English song “fire is burning”. In school, English is not studied. We were catching up with a tutor. After she was selected to represent Russia at Eurovision-2017. Conducted an internal competitive selection for the Russian “First channel”.