Filatov told why went to the mayors of the Dnipro

photo: Eldar Sarachman

Boris Filatov went on elections of the mayor of the Dnipro, to not let to power ex – “regional” Alexander Vilkul.

About this politician said in an interview

“Hoped that when completed the General political crisis, in six months we will give the case to the new Governor and calmly get down to business. Because, to be honest, I wasn’t going to run for the post of mayor. The final decision was made – it really was my most difficult in my life – when Mr. Vilkul has decided to run. I saw the sociological ratings. With all due respect to our Patriotic and democratic candidates realized that I was the only one who can give him a fight and win,” – said Filatov.

The representative of the party “Dill” Boris Filatov has won elections of the mayor of the Dnipro, which took place on 15 November 2015. In the second round, won against the representative of the Opposition bloc Alexander Vilkul.

Full interview with Boris Filatov wait on the website and in “the Newspaper in Ukrainian”.