How to have more money than we have?

Begin to prosper now every Ukrainian can

In a crisis this is, perhaps, one of the most pressing issues.

Ahead of the discontent of the skeptics I hasten to note that we are not talking about raising wages, part-time job on the side, on the illegal methods of enrichment and other similar methods to get more profit. It we take about the economy. Moreover, the quality of life in a similar attitude to their own means will not become worse, on the contrary, the life will become greener. In the sense that you will not “clutter up” her wrong.

So, learn to save.

On utilities

I’m sure many of the readers love to leave a light or energy-intensive appliances included in the moment when nobody in the room. And I’m sure many use water without thinking that its preservation is not only about saving personal funds, but also saving the world’s reserves of life-giving water, which, alas, is not infinite. The same applies to gas – do not put on the stove full kettle of cold water to boil it for one Cup of coffee or tea.

On purchases

A system of discount cards, seasonal and holiday discounts, promotions and the ability to count money in a purse will help you save a tidy sum. By the way, making purchasing on the Internet, too, can be a great to save. If you use the services of the price aggregator Magazilla that will help you choose the prices on desired products.

On drugs

With a huge part of the family budget have to leave if the illness comes. At the same time, few think about the fact that most popular expensive drugs are cheaper counterparts. For example, no-Spa is the same Drotaverine, but in a beautiful package, and Mezim – ordinary Festal. Whether or not to overpay I Think the question is rhetorical.

By car

No, save as a fill in car fuel costs, because any savings on the upcoming repair of the engine actually fail. Help save driving – instead of wheelspin, abrupt starting and braking, try a smooth ride in the city, and soon notice that fuel consumption has decreased. So, the wallet will have more money.