“I should have let Samoilova to take part in Eurovision”.

The analyst said, could allow the Russian Yulia Samoilova to take part in the Eurovision song contest in 2017. Photo: komiinform.ru

The political scientist Bohdan Yaremenko told whether to cancel the decision of the security Service banning entry of representatives of Russia at Eurovision-2017 Yulia Samoilova. The singer has the first group of disability. Moves in a wheelchair.

“We had the opportunity to use Russia’s provocation in their interests. To show the world community that Ukraine is a legal, democratic state. Ready to fulfill its obligations to the international community. Even if you do not agree with certain decisions. Have not used it. The decision of the SBU banned entry Samoylova has played into the hands of the aggressor state. A provocation took place. They have reason to speak of the injustice of the organizers of the Eurovision-2017. After all, the competition is held for the European audience. Who needs to see representatives from all the countries taking part in it,” said Bohdan Yaremenko.

“To keep commitments and to show the world that we condemn the aggression of Russia, it was necessary to act otherwise. The Ministry of foreign Affairs was at the same time to announce the entry ban for Samoilova and temporary suspension of the decision during the Eurovision-2017. Had to let the territory of Ukraine exclusively as contestants. At the entrance to explain the violation of Ukrainian law in 2015. To prove the inadmissibility of repetition and warn about responsibility. The Ukrainian public and the media would ignore her stay in the country. To declare the decision of the state in Samoilova was it the foreign Ministry to clean up the atmosphere of polizeischule.

If the cancellation of the decision of the SBU is still out, will give the opportunity to Russians to develop a conflict. I will say that we missed the Russian singer under pressure from the European broadcasting Union. The answer may be offended and not to come to the competition. Remains to adhere to the chosen positions of the entry ban. It may not be the best. To show respect for their legislation,” – added the analyst.

SBU has banned entry to Ukraine to Russia’s representative at Eurovision-2017 Yulia Samoilova for three years. Had to perform the song Flame Is Burning.