In the Kharkiv region exploding arms depots, evacuated

Blow up weapons depots, evacuated Photo kp

On the night of March 23 in Balakleya, Kharkiv region, a massive explosion at military depots. One version of events could be a diversion.

“As a result of sabotage tonight in 3 hours. 2 min. at several sites storage of rocket artillery weapons (projectiles and 152mm 120) near the town of Balakleya in Kharkiv region there was a fire that caused the detonation of ammunition”, – is spoken in the message of the military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios.

As a result of fire shells spread over a considerable distance, therefore, is under threat and people’s lives. About it reports Zik.

“At a military base an explosion occurred. Burns terribly. Still shells fly into the city of Balakliya”, — wrote in his Twitter user Alexander.

Announced the evacuation, some people are taken in the direction of savyntsi village. From Balakliia is a huge flow of cars, according to eyewitnesses, so to leave the city almost impossible. According to local residents, near the city of Oilmen in the school deployed the evacuation center. Residents flock there, according to UKRINFORM.

The border guards on the Eastern-southern border region have strengthened the control regime.

Data on victims.

Balakliya is located in Ukraine’s largest ammunition depot of the 65th Arsenal. Earlier media reported that about one third of the munitions that were on it had expired and they had nowhere to store.