Jaros pointed out the alternative to the European Union

photo: Eldar Sarachman

Ukraine should become a subject of international politics and to dictate to the West their own rules.

This was stated by the MP Dmitry Yarosh in an interview with “Country”.

“The West is desirable not to ask for anything. He needs to dictate certain conditions. The fact that Ukraine is now a shield against the Russian hordes in Europe, it seems, doubts already at anybody does not arise.

We have a really great prospect to agree on ravnopolska relations and the establishment of a Baltic-black sea Union. It is an alternative to the so-called European Union, which at the seams bursting, and also the Asian space, which we in the North and East. Even Belarus Lukashenka made some progress shows in this direction. Therefore, the first object must become the subject of geopolitics. It is necessary to impose the rules of the game. Explain to them that the fate of European civilization will depend on whether we hold or not,” said jarosz.

In March 2014, after the invasion of Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea and organized a “referendum” on his self-determination. After that, Moscow has enlisted the Ukrainian Peninsula in its membership.

Later Russia began to destabilize the situation in the Donbas. Russia supplies terrorists of DNR and LNR weapons and aims at Donbass mercenaries and their regular troops. From mid-April 2014 in Donetsk and Luhansk regions are fighting.

The full interview with Dmitry Yarosh look in the magazine “Krajina” from March 23.