“Killed all” – there were details of the battle near Mariupol

The Mariupol marine at the checkpoint

More details emerged of the battle for stronghold of militants “Cheeky” under the Mariupol.

On the page in Facebook published a volunteer Serg Marko.

“The Marines retreated from the position without loss. Losses were in one group, coming in separ nose. Machine gun and…three wounded and two killed. The Marines took new positions and began to dig. But they were not given. Three hours was a battle for the halfback. Separable tank was not hit, but two times, “chased”. The third time, the tank came back and rolled 200 meters of the position and began to shoot at close range. The battle was on the wrong positions. One marine jumped into the trench, killed three of the invaders from your regular machine. In fact the marine did what two months ago has not received from the militants during the storming of morphologo nose”, – the volunteer wrote.

Enemy losses of 9 killed and 13 wounded militants in the captured position.

March 20, under the Mariupol has been the most ambitious in the history of the ATO battle. Join the enemy Russian tanks.