“The country before and after independence – as two of the continent that broke away from each other” – the artist

In the Museum and cultural complex beer history “Liveware” opened the exhibition of the Kiev artists Matvei Weisberg and Yuriy Pikul “Dialogue”. Show works of different years. The exhibition was the first cultural events of art-zone on the territory of “Lviv brewery”.

Author: Anastasia Hlaponin

The painting “the seventh Day” Matthew Weisberg, 1999

The series “Seven days” Kyiv artist Matvey Vaisberg painted under the influence of pictures on the creation of the world by an unknown author, 14th century. Saw them in the book in Germany in 1995. It was pictures of a 109-page manuscript “the Sarajevo Haggadah” – a collection of prayers, comments, songs associated with the Exodus from Egypt and the feast of the Passover. Pictures depict the separation of light from darkness and the gradual emergence of life on earth.

“The manuscript found in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo, where it was brought from Spain, the Jews-Sephardi, – says Matvey Vaisberg. – 5 years do not know how to reproduce them on canvas. Every artist wants to touch the Bible in his work. First did a great graphic series of 49 works. Then he began to paint the picturesque seven canvases. It is not a religious picture. Opened the biblical text and step-by-step drawing. Now would not seven, but six. The seventh day includes the previous six, says Matthew.

Author: Anastasia Hlaponin

“Seven days” Matthew Weisberg, 1999

The first two canvases primed the wife. Because I was sick and had no money to buy ready-made. All paintings are painted with a rubber spatula in blue. It seemed that the universe was originally like this. In thyrocopa the light was white. But decided to add the icon color. Bought a bronze film “jubilee” at Haymarket. Pasted it to the canvas on top of the paint. Then tore it out and formed an uneven pattern. Although ill at the time, but felt a strange uplift from work. Wrote about nine months. How fathered a child.

Author: Anastasia Hlaponin

Painting “Man in the hat 1” Matthew Weisberg, 2014

Two paintings of figures in helmets wrote under the influence of the reconstruction of the Grunwald battle in Poland. Annually to spend there. The actors are just playing. Taking care of yourself. The only thing that really stood out to me – people in helmets. Recalled the Maidan in Kiev. Wanted to see something in common between the two events. But on the Maidan, it was very serious. Men in hats – resolvechannel. Not visible to the eye. Country before and after independence – as the two continents that broke apart.

Author: Anastasia Hlaponin

Painting “Clouds” Matthew Weisberg, 2016

Workshop in Kiev Lukyanovka the artist painted the view from the window. – Working 17 years in it. Another 70 artists have workshops in the house. But I was lucky. This could be the whole Kiev. For 17 years he is very spoiled. Correct in the pictures. I’m my own architect. Struggling with building of skyscrapers continues.

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To make an exhibition of Yuri Pikul – initiative of the organizers. I was little acquainted with him before the “Dialogue”. Yuri is a contemporary artist, I’m more traditional. I am interested in the painting. Canvas and paint is my universe.

Author: Anastasia Hlaponin

The picture of “Marshrutchik” Yuri Pikul, 2012

“The artist presented a series of “the Forest 92-th km” and a few portraits, – says art critic Michael Kulinich. – A picture of “Marshrutchik” 2012, created after a trip in one of these minibuses. Remember the driver’s face. Took a photo of it. This is a portrait of the social, rather than a specific person. You can see the mood of the driver, than live every day, with whom. Portrait of a saleswoman of tokens in the subway, too social. Shows the daily work of women, which is not fun. The inscription is 2 UAH. reminds that once the tokens cost so much”.

Author: Anastasia Hlaponin

The picture of Yuri Pikul from the series “the Forest 92 km.”

On the series “the Forest” Pikul is valid for 2 years. This is the colored landscapes in abstract terms.

The exhibition “Dialogue” will continue in “Liveware” to 31 Mar.

Matthew Weisberg graduated from the Kiev polygraphic Institute. Since 1990 spent more than 15 personal exhibitions. Works are in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Vilnius museums and private collections in the USA, Israel, Sweden, Japan, Italy, France, and Germany.

Yuri Pikul studied at the National Academy of fine arts and architecture. Held 10 solo exhibitions. In the ranking of magazine “Forbs” one of the most promising artists of Ukraine.