The defense Ministry has found a way to circumvent the rules Prosaro

Six lots of the Ministry of defence through ProZorro the total expected cost of about 390 million UAH. it was purchased with the manipulation

The Ministry of defence of Ukraine have found ways of manipulation in the implementation of the tender procurement of food and fuel for the army. This is evidenced by data analysis of public procurement, which are available on the portal ProZorro.

So, at the end of February this year the MOD announced a tender for the purchase of gasoline, diesel fuel and aviation kerosene. In General, we are talking about six lots total expected cost of about 390 million UAH. All of them should play at a public auction.

A few days after the announcement of the procedure, namely on 3 March, anyone not previously known in the fuel market company called OOO “VISISERVER VOLUNTEER” filing a complaint against the conditions of the tender documents to the AMC, which in fact blocks the tender procedure.

Note that regular bidders, MO, such as Socar or WOG, as proposed by the Ministry of defense conditions are completely satisfied, and did not arouse any doubts.
OOO “VISISERVER VOLUNTEER” at the same time, according to the Registry of the Ministry of justice has no relation to the fuel market or trade in aviation fuel. The company NACE sells only food.

However, as it turned out, “VISCERI VOLUNTEER” is not a stranger to the defense Ministry, as this firm continually challenges and blocks tenders MO for the purchase of “food products and dried goods”.

Further, as a result of these actions, the company win, usually get or OOO “VISCOTEARS” , or “Ukrprodtorg OR” (which by the end of 2015 called the most scandalous and richest mistress, a tender of defense).

Returning to the blockers fuel tender – LLC “VISISERVER VOLUNTEER”, adding that this company was only in October 2016, and the founder is considered Witter Sergei Ivanovich.

The complaint “VISISERVER VOLUNTEER” on a multimillion-dollar fuel tender received in the Antimonopoly Committee March 7, and since that time the procedure for the procurement of MO was completely blocked. Thus, none of the potential participants could register for participation in the auction or negotiation procedure.

And for the first few days, before the advent of complaints, only three companies, namely WOG and Socar to sign up for 4 of the 6 lots, and the company “EFG TRADING” one – sixth of the lot with an expected value of more than 170 million UAH (that is, almost half of the amount of the scheduled tender). This is in regards to the lots which will compete in the auction. However, there are 3 lots that MO had planned to play for the negotiating process.

Participants who have time to apply to participate in the negotiation procedure, the portal does not reflect ProZorro until then, until the opening of their price proposal.

The total expected value of these lots is more than 610 million UAH. We are talking about the purchase of aviation fuel and gasoline A-80.

However, due to the artificial blocking of OOO “VISISERVER VOLUNTEER” these tenders are all willing participants all the time that was allotted for submissions, could not do it. The final deadline expired on 18 March at 18:00, and the tender procedure AMC has released only on March 20, when has “examined” the complaint of the LLC “VISISERVER VOLUNTEER”, or rather not even a complaint, and the message this company about the fact that she suddenly decided her complaint to be withdrawn.

Thus, we can conclude that by attracting shell companies, for nearly one month was planned to block all potential participants of public procurement.

Yesterday, March 22, was held the meeting of the tender Committee of the Ministry of defense, which because of the long blocking of the procurement procedure needs to make a decision on the extension of the deadline for collection of applications of operators wanting to play in the tender. However, this decision, for unknown reasons, was not accepted.

The MO Committee decided today, March 23, to hold a tender for the negotiating process between those participants who moved to block the purchase. The arguments of the representatives of various leading traders of fuel that they were artificially not allowed to tender, the municipality was not paying attention. Recall that we are talking about the amount more than UAH 600 million!

According to informed sources, the victory in the negotiation of tenders, likely to give little-known market structures, including “EFG TRADING” (founded in 2016).

All of the above indicates that the defense Ministry probably found a way to circumvent the system ProZorro through shell companies “blocker”.

Most likely, for the agreement of the potential winners of the tenders shall be informed about the beginning of the tender procedure in advance, and as soon as they submit their application procedure immediately locks need Oookay.

The tender Committee of the Ministry of defence it is breaking the law, refusing to extend the time for acceptance of applications from all comers. In this way the state deprived of the opportunity to purchase fuel or products for the army do at the most attractive price and save the budget.

Interesting to hear the opinion of the military Prosecutor and the AMCU regarding the above, as well as the position and the Ministry of defense.