“After such a producer may sell to the authority or take to lifelong slavery” – film critic

The main character of the visitor of the clinic becomes a patient Photo: pingvin.pro

6 APR out in the Ukrainian film the mystery Thriller “the Cure for happiness,” directed by Gore Verbinski.

In the story a man goes to lost in the Swiss Alps, a Wellness center to bring out the head of his company. But on arrival he realizes that the miraculous treatments of the Spa aren’t always what they seem. While the guy begins to unravel the terrible secrets of this place, its common sense goes a real test of strength. Now he’s suffering the same strange illness, for which there remain other visitors to the center wishing to get their dose of drugs.

“The film can rehabilitate by Gore Verbinski, after his terrible failure of a film “the Lone Ranger”. Tape cost $ 200 million. In hire has collected a little more. After such a producer may sell to the authority or take the life of slavery. American bosses are still those bloodsuckers. But this has not happened, because it gave him the opportunity to rehabilitate. The film is exquisitely connected to steam punk and old. Elaborate details of costumes and images. The main role is played by Dane Dehaan. Man has two aspects: a discerning eye and good taste. Because in bad movies he just not be removed, ” said film critic Anton Filatov.

The film was shot in the Hohenzollern castle in Germany. For the filming of the castle was completely closed to the public a month. The film’s budget amounted to 8.6 million euros

On March 23 rolled out the winner of the current “Oscar” for best foreign language film “the Salesman” Asghar Farhadi