“All bite” – Filatov has told about the fight with the “regions”

photo: Eldar Sarachman

The representatives of the previous authorities are trying at all costs to stay on the posts.

This was stated by the mayor of the Dnipro Boris Filatov in an interview Gazeta.ua.

“I’m more than a year in this office. And I was constantly trying to shake and “opposition bloc” and the rest. They did not work. I’m still all had a bite. When she came in, immediately changed the Deputy, then the heads of relevant departments. Then looked who can not cope are also changed. Now I have some friends “out”. It is clear that some serious professionals continue to work.

Now came to the hands of utility companies. A unique situation was a week ago. Comes to my Secretary: “Here, brought the application on dismissal”. I almost fell off my chair. For half the year not a single person here I didn’t leave voluntarily. They are suing me run to the hospital, turn off your mobile, start to write in Facebook. A shovel will not drive. Moreover, whatever the position may be,” – said Filatov.

The representative of the party “Dill” Boris Filatov has won elections of the mayor of the Dnipro, which took place on 15 November 2015. In the second round, won against the representative of the Opposition bloc Alexander Vilkul.

Full interview with Boris Filatov at the website Gazeta.ua and in “the Newspaper in Ukrainian”.