For half the year not a single person left voluntarily. Judged, run to the hospital, turn off mobile – Boris Filatov

With the beginning of the war the city centre was called the Outpost of Ukraine. It managed to stop the advance of the “Russian world”. How the city has changed, what lives now, and what challenges it faces in an interview says the mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov.

Author: Eldar SARACHMAN

Boris FILATOV: “Well, warmer. But if the blockade began in December, we, perhaps winter would not have survived”

Hoping that will end when a General political crisis, in six months we will give the case to the new Governor and get back to business. Not going to run for the mayor’s post. The decision was for me the most difficult in his life. Took it when Alexander Vilkul decided to run. Looked at the results of opinion polls. Realized that I was the only one who can resist him and win, says 45-year-old Boris Filatov.

Meet in his office in Dniprovska city Council on March 10 around 12:00. In the waiting room security guards. In the office at the entrance of the treadmill. In the next room through the open door is seen a punching bag.

The furniture is not changed. And the repair did not. At this table have worked all our mayors, says Boris Albertovich.

Everything went with the flow. Dominated by the interests of large, industrial companies and smugglers

Why are you against the blockade of Donbass?

I don’t mind. Everything is already confused. I will answer the words of Churchill : “If you’re under 25 years was not a radical, then you have no heart. But if after 35 did not conservative you have no mind”. In the shower, of course, as a young man, I am for the blockade of Donbass. And wrote about it. Unfortunately, in three years, nobody thought about how to solve this problem. Everything went with the flow. Dominated by the interests of large industrial companies and smugglers. And now we’re on the Dnieper thermal power plant no coal reserves. She heats the entire left Bank. Well, that was warmer. But if the blockade began in December, we, perhaps winter would not have survived.

Everyone needs to do their business. The Central government should not meddle in local government. We do not give them their tips. When the regional Council or regional councils vote for or against the blockade – I am categorically opposed to this.


This is not our competence. If we talk about Dniproavia, we have 34 voted against the blockade, and 30. In fact, we again split the city Council. I first used the veto. If they voted for the siege – I would have vetoed it. Don’t want the city Council was field to determine the ambitions of parties on the national scale.

It is in the Dnipro stopped the “Russian spring”. Although Odessa and Kharkov is also seriously affected

As the proximity of the front affected the lives of the Dnipro?

Dnipro showed the emergence of a new political nation in Ukraine. I am absolutely sure that here stopped the “Russian spring”. Although, of course, the contribution and Odessa, and Patriotic Kharkov also had a major impact. Know the process from the inside. Saw those terrible times. Then I called a half South-East and asked “What do we do?”. We were like a lighthouse that guided. Went here the deputies of Dobropolye, Krasnoarmeysk, Kharkiv, Izmail, even from the Kirovograd region. Asked: “How to keep the situation?” The phenomenon of Dnipro still awaiting research.

As for how affected the war. We have our cons find the pros. In the city – a huge number of military. For Dnipro this is the development of logistics and jobs. The presence of military units and assists in the stabilization of the political and economic situation.

We have changed and mental. In the hospital Mechnikov daily wounded. Yesterday six were delivered.

Author: Eldar SARACHMAN

Boris FILATOV: “We have changed and mental. In the hospital Mechnikov daily wounded. Yesterday six delivered”

With 2014 on local forums people are asking about the price of housing and the moving to Dnipro. How has the number of the population?

We always said we a million, but was approximately 975 thousand. And now we are more than a million. Only official migrants have registered almost 40 thousand. The figure is actually much greater. They affect the city both positively and negatively.

Acquired 13 trolleybuses, buy another 32 – and I can’t find drivers. Salary starts from 5500 USD and in the future will be 9 thousand


Go to the car, which sell coffee in the street. Every second, if not three out of five is a migrant from the Donbass. We do not want a 3.5 or 4 thousand hryvnias to stand all day. The same situation with working professions. Only utilities a few thousand jobs. We purchased 13 trolleybuses, buy another 32 – and I can’t find drivers. Salary starts from 5500 USD and in the future will be 9 thousand.
Find to the machine operator simply impossible. Talking to entrepreneurs – they are willing to pay good money. Communicated with leadership of the new metallurgical production of “Interpipe”. They offer great working conditions: high salary, medical insurance, social benefits. However, qualified staff cannot be found.
Who goes there to work, so it is displaced. They are looking for any job. And, thus, help the city.

And what is the negative effect?

In the first place – the increase in crime. He’s serious. No new patrol police nor the old reformed do not. Household crime: the bombing of the apartment, the car, remove the wheel, break chains, take mobile phones.
Besides robberies, there are still arms trafficking. There was a situation when with the ATO soldier was taken hand gun. Went to the bath, got drunk and shot on goal.

Each school has several teachers sitting in the pages of the “People of Donbass” or “Putin is our everything”

How many are now supporters of the “Russian world” in the Dnipro?

This will not show any focus group. Someone lurking. And many occurred the revolution in the head. Many activists of the Maidan after the occupation of Crimea became Ukrainian patriots. People have caused a serious transformation of consciousness. They were against the revolution, of the barricades. But when we brazenly took part of the territory, rebelled against it.
I would not like to hang labels. But if directly attached to the rating of the former “regionals”, it is possible that 20 percent.
The analyzed social networks. Each school has several teachers sitting in the pages of the “People of Donbass” or “Putin is our everything”. And even write something there. This is a serious problem. After the Bismarck I believe that we need priests, doctors, teachers. Otherwise we will lose the state.

Author: Eldar SARACHMAN

Boris FILATOV: “I am not a Prosecutor and not the police officer. I’m not going to run around with a stick and someone to catch”

What is the situation in the city from corruption?

We have many activists, there is opposition. They scream that the mayor’s office steal. I’m not a Prosecutor and not a policeman. Not going to run around with a stick and someone to catch. Even those engaged in OBEP (Department on struggle against economic crimes. – and the Prosecutor’s office. I gathered all of his deputies, assistants, and heads of departments. Said, “Guys, I don’t share you don’t wear. If anyone come across – do not go to complain. You heard me? Goodbye.” And then my task: all purchases are processed through ProZorro. We were in fourth place in the country. Now for the fifth.

Guys, I don’t share you don’t wear. If someone gets caught, don’t go complaining

What savings?

Tens of millions of hryvnia. Money can disappear not only on public procurement. And utilities? We have about 130. There are companies with a budget of hundreds of millions of hryvnia. There are 14 thousand people. Implement electronic services and so eliminate officials from the potential benefits.

How officials react to this?

I’ve often joked in Facebook: “I would Like this morning to Wake up and see that all men have become rich, all women are young and beautiful, and all the “regionals” flying to the moon.” But, unfortunately, it will not.
I have been in this office. And I was constantly trying to shake – “opposition bloc” and others. They did not come out. I’m still all had a bite. When I came here, I immediately replaced the Deputy, then – heads of relevant departments. Then looked who can not cope – and the same was replaced. Now there are some comrades on the way out.
For half the year not a single person here I didn’t leave voluntarily. Judged, run to the hospital, turn off your mobile, start to write in Facebook. A shovel will not drive. On the other hand, don’t want to swing a sword.

Started the repair of the main bridge in the Dnipro. This is due to the fact that in Kiev, shuliavska bridge “tired”? Or planned work?

Vitali Klitschko was unlucky with a bridge Shulyavska and the fact that he is “tired”. When it happened, dnepryane understand: don’t just make up a job out of boredom. We are, apparently, the first in the country conducted examination of urban infrastructure. And I was horrified. There are many problems, but for the bridge worried the most. It is a Central urban artery. Began repairs.

What other problems are in the city?

Now consider the main problem of medical reform. We are the only in the country, one city hospital was taken away and given region. This was done by Alexander Vilkul (in 2011, the city implemented a pilot project of health reform. The hospital was transferred to the balance of the regional Council. Vilkul was then the Governor of Dnipropetrovsk. – Now all city hospitals belong to the regional local community. And most tragic of all that the region cannot Fund them. The regional Council demanded we have 230 million. I have a very simple position: back hospital the city and we will continue to Fund it.
Housing is worn by 70-80 per cent. For the enterprise you can drink the water from the tap. And people write: “Why are we flowing orange water? What is this mess?”. Because it goes through pipes that have not changed since the revolution of 1917.

How about the subway?

Finally moved this question from the dead point. It would be desirable that the contractor faster “itched”. But we’ll see.

In April will be five years after the terrorist attack of 2012. Then still there was no war and this case shook the whole country. How people now feel safe?

Do not Wake famously until it quietly. Somehow we’ve managed and continue to manage to do without the attacks. Apparently, I must thank the security services and the police. In 2014 and in 2015, there were explosions in Kharkov and Odessa. We have the God took. Conducted special technical measures, eavesdropping, spying, patrolling – did everything I could.
Now implemented the program “Safe city”. Install around town camera with high resolution. From Dnipro will not be able to leave, not once in sight of the cameras. It will engage Netpolice and security Service.

What do you consider the biggest achievement on the mayor?

I have enough well-wishers in the opposite camp. But they are constantly in a state of cognitive dissonance. How to muck not – invented Filatov rating is growing. Praise yourself and do not enjoy. However, people see that solving the problems that no one raised. Never cleaned the road. This terrible winter in the Dnipro you can ride anywhere. You know, the people of Kiev, for example, resented the work of public utilities in the capital. Going to do four new trolley route. Have already worked out a scheme of changes of traffic.
Is a positive trend and it is very stable.

Removed from Germany for reparations, the boilers will work for another 100 years. But the fuel to guzzle as not in itself

In one interview you said that you managed to reduce the rate of heat 15 to 50 percent in some homes. How?

Rates have reduced due to the reconstruction and conservation programs: heat meters, different high-frequency pumps, insulation of heating mains. 50% is the ideal figure – somewhere popped up. But the savings of 15-20 percent are typical. One of the areas where the situation is very complicated, will cover the new boiler. There are removed from Germany for reparations boilers. They are in gorgeous condition, will work for another 100 years. But the fuel to guzzle as not in itself.

Author: Eldar SARACHMAN

Boris FILATOV: “We need priests, doctors, teachers. Otherwise we will lose the state”

There is a misunderstanding with the Central government in Kiev?

I have no problem with the Central government. Few believe in it, because I am a representative of the opposition “Dill”, and even after the story of the Korban (Gennady Korban, a former Deputy Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region. 21 March 2016, received a half year suspended sentence for kidnapping. All the accusations of law enforcement officers to your address is denied. – But can’t complain. In my case no one climbs. There is nothing that a phone call from the presidential Administration: “Go out there, and now here. Here’s a contractor. Don’t do it, or do like this.”

You tried?



I do not know. On the other hand, see that you don’t interfere with them. You do not have a special reverence or love for Peter Alekseevich. But I can say that for any of the benefits the world would not want to sit in his chair between Putin and Merkel.
I have a normal relationship with the Prime Minister, I on “you” – with the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada. Can always call and ask for something. On the other hand, I especially do not need anything. Used to solve their problems on their own.

How to develop the right Nasirov?

I do not know. It is not clear. The only thing that confused me is when “the accident” Nasirov began mass madness: social networking like almost lynching him. It’s not a very good psychological trend. Although I understand that people are tired, want justice, they are tired of the constant lies. Three years have passed, and no special results.

Dnipro ekraniziruetsya?

This is a big ideological argument. The methods of Mr. Viatrovych (Volodymyr viatrovych, the head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory. – sometimes give the opposite effect. Including here. We are in 2014, no one asked who what language they speak or what the Patriarchy goes. I think if “vyatrovich” in 2014 came through here, then everything could have ended very differently. Such things should not “push”. This needs to be done smarter. Can’t be the only matrix for such a difficult country. Live in the context of a hybrid war, because have to apply hybrid methods of confrontation with the enemy.

Author: Eldar SARACHMAN

Boris FILATOV: “IN my business no one climbs. No call from the presidential Administration: “Go there, now here””

Where is Ukraine heading?

If you are talking about long term, I think we’ll be fine. The matrix, which are our neighbors, are not viable.

Need early elections to the Verkhovna Rada?

No. I am totally against.

The presidential?

Also against it. If the country is thrown into the whirlpool of elections, everyone will sit on my head and claim to have raised someone’s flag. Secondly, I don’t want to like Saakashvili, entered the Parliament.


Not because he called me “pumped bastard.” Me here every day rocking the MPs. I think that did a lot: metro, trams, trolleybuses, road. And the man was on the post of head of regional state administration with his policeman, Prosecutor, head of tax, head of customs and did nothing. It speaks to his efficiency.

Author: Eldar SARACHMAN

Boris FILATOV: “we Live in the context of a hybrid war, so you have to apply hybrid methods of confrontation with the enemy”

How things have changed in the post during this time?

Got fat (laughs. – Lack of sleep, lack of mode.
I changed his position. You can sit in the Parliament and always something to say. And here to do something real. Trying to be mayor of the whole city, not half. This is the most interesting job in the world. It combines everything from understanding the infrastructure and humanitarian issues. The city is a very complex mechanism.

Sometimes want to get back to business and quit?

Not from the point of view of the challenges.

Will run for a second term?

Definitely. This is the best job.