The man in the mask Putin closed “Sberbank” on a chain

Photo: real-vin

On March 24 at the winery with the morning, activists blocked the work of “Sberbank of Russia”, located on Kotsiubynsky Avenue.

They plastered the room with leaflets “Attention! This Bank of the aggressor. It will be closed urgently take your money,” writes

Doused in red paint and hung it by the door chain with lock. The sign of the Bank the activists painted with black paint.

Representatives of the “National corpus” and “Right sector” expressed protest to the Russian “Sberbank” and supported the all-Ukrainian action.

At the entrance of the representatives of the “National Body” put up a tent and his banner.

Deputy Chairman of the National Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova said that the blocking of Russian banks affects the image of Ukraine in the world arena. Noted, banks with Russian state capital stable. Their activities do not threaten the stability of our banking system.