The political scientist explained why dual citizenship officials should raise suspicion

Dual citizenship should arouse suspicion that a person engaged in illegal activities or hiding something serious. Photo:

Dual citizenship should arouse suspicion that a person engaged in illegal activities or hiding something serious.

This is evidenced by the political scientist Peter oleschuk.

“Not only politicians have dual citizenship, but many famous Ukrainians. So what can be learned from the time of Pavlo Lazarenko (5th Prime Minister of Ukraine from 28 may 1996 to 18 June 1997. Fled Ukraine in 1999, as accused of the theft of state property. In the United States, requested political asylum, but was sentenced to eight years in prison for money laundering. 2012 was released. Received the right to reside in the United States. – . Additional passport is a guarantee. None of the countries does not extradite its citizens through extradition. If you prosecute in Ukraine, hide in a country where they have citizenship and are safe. These passports also help to hide their income, travel, personal data, because they are not acting as citizens of Ukraine. Most likely these people are engaged in illegal activities. This gives incriminating information against them, which can be used in blackmail. The question arises – what country they will be loyal?”

The law prohibiting dual citizenship is unlikely to significantly affect the situation, because there are no mechanisms of control and does not provide specific form of liability, says expert.

“In many European countries, USA, Russia dual citizenship is not prohibited. If a country is powerful in many aspects, to have her citizenship becomes prestigious. The attitude is quite liberal. In Ukraine the situation is different – the prohibition of dual citizenship will help to protect the country from the encroachments of Russia . Because through the mass granting of Russian citizenship to Ukrainians – will receive a “double agents” and the mechanism of influence on Ukrainian politics. SBU shall ensure that this phenomenon did not threaten national security.”

March 13, registered in the Parliament as an urgent bill by President Petro Poroshenko of deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship of persons with dual citizenship. The inclusion of the project in the agenda voted 234 deputies.