“This operation of Russian special services” – in “Azov” has denied the information about the detained soldiers

Photo: BelTA

In the battalion “Azov” has denied the information about the detained 26 men in the Republic of Belarus.

About it Gazeta.ua said Alexander Alferov, press-Secretary of the Civil case “Azov”.

Detained in Belarus is the fighters of “Azov?”

This operation of Russian special services. 21 detained on March 26 the Belarusian nationalists. This is the real opposition to Lukashenko.

The guys found the alleged campaign of “Azov”.

They found weapons, white-red flag of the organization and a motivational postcard of the “Azov” for June 2014. There are black men in the Soviet helmets. It is likely that the card and the gun was planted by the employees of the Russian special services.

For whom it is intended?

Definitely not for the Belarusians. For them it is an empty message. Fake for the Russian viewer. Putin’s TV is already cool new horror movie about “punishers of Azov”. Need proof.

Why is everybody doing?

Russia need to make excuses for Russian banks in Ukraine. They picked up the news about how “Azov” burned the banks and blew it. “Belarusian trail” is just one of the evidence. We will expose a global terrorist organization.

You can say what are the next steps in this matter?

Belarus for Russia all-important object. This is the quickest way to Kiev and the border with Poland. In the Kaliningrad region only one piece of land. Before the presidential elections in Russia, the country will begin to compress. I do not exclude that in April it completed the occupation.

March 21 on the fact of training and preparation to participate in mass disorders detained activists of the “White Legion”, headed by Miroslav Lozovsky, as well as “Young front”, headed by Dmitry Dashkevich. Only 26 people. Russian propaganda declared them soldiers of the Ukrainian battalion “Azov”.