“A plane or drone fired 2 missiles at ardclach” – witnesses of explosions in Balakleya

Photo: Eldar SARACHMAN

Residents of the village of Recruitment, adjacent to the city of Balakleya in Kharkiv region, say that before the explosion saw a plane or drone. In 2.10, he released the gun stores two missiles.

Correspondents report about it Gazeta.ua.

“I didn’t sleep that night. Just laid in the washing machine clothes. Heard the roar of an airplane. I looked out the window and saw over esclade the silhouette of the plane, it was with such a sharp nose. Then there were two minor soft cotton. And the fire started. The horizon was the glow, that was like the last judgment. Exploded over and over again like fireworks. It was not possible to stay on his feet from the blast. Began to pray and ran into the garden. There again I saw the plane. He flew low and suddenly gained altitude. In my memory, from the beginning of the ATO this is the fourth attempt to destroy artstudy. 26 December 2016 was also an attempt of arson. But then the fire quickly extinguished. DNR militants have promised to level the Balakleya with the ground. Because it was taken of the ammunition in the ATO, – said Claudia Pine from the village of Verbivka.

Confirm that you have been attack from the air and the residents of Blakley. But indicate that there were two planes.

Explosions in artillery warehouses in Balakleya in Kharkiv region destroyed 10 apartments and 10 private homes, burned 23 cars. About 150 homes were left without Windows and roofs. Gun stores in Balakliya is one of the biggest in Europe. When the Soviet Union was the third largest: the military unit has a 3.5 km wide and 11 km long. Vzryvotehniki and sappers of the SSES from all over Ukraine conducted a sweep of the city and surrounding villages. In the military part of rescuers not allowed, there are military.